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Work Group Meet&Greet/ Work Group Re-Organization Day- Jan 7th

Come join Occupy Houston on January 7, 2012 for a Work Group Meet & Greet/Work Group Re-Organization Day. Let’s start the New Year off right. We have many new faces here at Occupy Houston and many faces that have been …

General Assembly Minutes 12/29/2011 pm

Evan- Moderator

Scott- Facilitator

Jenny- Facilitator/Stack

Jamin- Scribe

Chris- Timer

30 in attendance

Work Group Report Back

Work Group Meet & Greet – Jenny- On January 7th there will be a Work Group Meet & Greet/Work Group Re-Organization Day. Imagine …

12/28/11 GA Minutes PM

General Assembly – wednesday 12/28/11

Moderator: Scott
Facilitator: Jenny
Stack-Coordinator: Jeremiah
Scribe: Jeremie [from Occupy Oakland]

Scott explains GA process.


Amy Price – Occupy the Courts:

We’ve had a couple mtgs at this point. The official …

12/28/2011 GA Minutes AM

Moderated: Benjamin Franklin
Scribed: Ben F

Achieved quorum, but people wanted to continue discussion circle vs GA

Announced Proposals from last night re: Scheduling & Minutes being essential
Were visited by Ray Hill who talked about the importance …

GA for discussing GA Schedule this thursday (11/29)

The evening GA this Thursday, 11/29, there will be discussion regarding changing the schedule of GA and possibly topics about proposals and other scheduling related topics.

The GA schedule until then is:
Dec 28th: 11AM and 7:30PM
Dec 29th: 11AM …

12/27/2011 General Assembly Minutes PM

General Assembly – 2011-12-27 PM

Moderator – Ben F
Facilitator/Stack Coordinator – Scott G
Scribe – Jeremiah C
Stacker/Timekeeper – Miguel M

[Ben goes over hand signals]

Workgroup Reportbacks

Joe R – Tranquility Park Occupiers – …

General Assembly Minutes 12/26/2011 pm

Moderator- Scott

Facilitation- Jamin & Kristen

Stack- Miguel

Scribe- Jenny

28+ people in attendance

Work Group Report Back

Media- Jenny- Mouse is doing an excellent job with the livestream. Yesterday we had at least 95 viewers from around the globe. …

Protest Rallies Outside the Russian Consulate Continue

The weekly protests outside the Russian Consulate continue. If you’re on facebook, you can RSVP here, but it’s definitely not required. Bring your friends and family to this peaceful demonstration of support for our queer brothers and sisters in …