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5:07 p.m. CDT, October 31, 2011

Occupy Houston is sending a Halloween message with its Corporate House of Horrors show.

“It’s Halloween and we’re festive, and we’re in costumes, but these are real issues that we’re talking about,” Carl Gibson, a member with Occupy Houston, said.
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The organization is referring to issues that haunt the economy, environment and Vietnam veterans.

“The U.S. government kind of compelled these companies to manufacture products like Agent Orange [a highly toxic herbicides in an attempt to clear vegetation that may have hidden enemy troops],” said Jocelyn Viera, who’s also with Occupy Houston, about events during Vietnam. “It did a lot of damage to the U.S. military themselves and the Vietnamese citizens [during that war].”

“If there’s an explosion, you know, on an oil rig [for example] find out why,” Maria-Elisa Heg, organizer of the Occupy Houston event, said. “If a lot of people died from an accident where there’s a gas leak from a factory, find out why.”

“As far as Occupy Houston is concerned, and the whole occupy movement in general, we are all about exposing how corporate greed and corporate corruption has perverted our democracy and government,” said Gibson.

As this group exercises its first amendment right without government interference, Occupy Houston said corporate greed is way out of hand.

“It’s something that this corporate entity is doing that’s making conditions unsafe and untenable for people who are completely innocent,” said Marisa-Elisa Heg.

Spreading its word while saving room for fun, Occupy Houston is pushing a new way to go trick or treating.