Accepting Submissions today for our first People’s Art Show!

For anyone interested in submitting art or finding out more about
participating, we will be taking art submissions ALL DAY TODAY (Sunday)
until 3am Monday morning.

This Monday, October 17th, Occupy Houston is hosting its first ever Art Show!
The show is an outdoor, all day event, and will feature live art, music, and
fun! Come visit us at lower Tranquility Park for the event !

The Monday show is LITERALLY ALL DAY LONG!! So come whenever you can; we’re
going to have people making art throughout the day. Here are a few of the
artists who’ll be out:

Abby Lee
calm Hound
Tito Fabian
Diana Ventura

… And more!

We also are looking for DONATIONS! Here is the list of what we need:

* CARDBOARD (We need TONS of large pieces of cardboard – the more, the better!)
* Spray paint
* Sequins, bejewels, glitter, feathers, and all manner of pretty art and craft
material you can think of!
* Glue
* Easels (for display)
* Paint, markers, etc.
* Sidewalk chalk

We can’t wait to see you on Monday! If you have any questions about the art
show, drop a line at

Occupy Houston Outreach Volunteer Group