Energy Day Saturday (Oct. 15)



Background information: Occupy Houston will be conducting a Silent March to demonstrate against the interests behind Energy Day. Find out more information on our website, or Facebook event page.


Energy Day Saturday Oct 15th will include a booth by TransCanada  Booth #43 .

Here’s the pdf event map

If you’re still wondering why OH plans to be there,  here’s a terrific comment  in a different OccHou post that folks may’ve missed.  Spot on!  (Thank you, Amy!)

Here’s why we’re targeting family-oriented Energy Day.

Its dominant sponsor is the Consumer Energy Alliance, a “non-profit, non-partisan” organization that talks about having a balanced view and then gives deeply biased information. For example, they discuss the Keystone XL pipeline, but only favorably. They never mention the NASA scientists who say that burning the tar sands oil will lead to the extinction of 20-40% of the species alive today.

CEA is using Energy Day to sell a lopsided business-at-all-costs message, which is disguised as “reasonable” because of renewable energy components, to vulnerable children. This is how entire generations are controlled. These kids will grow into adults with mental schemes that favor economic expansion over ensuring that our only home continues to be livable.

I don’t vilify anyone who works in the O&G industry. You’re just making a living. The O&G companies simply need to commit to the inevitable process of converting their infrastructures towards renewable sources. O&G will fight as hard as it can not to change until after every drop of oil is burned and the planet is wrecked, and as long as business controls our government, they’ll win.  Hence Occupy Houston.
~Amy Price

Environmentalist author and founder Bill McKibben was at #OWS last week on Oct 8.  He spoke to Occupiers there about this most pressing issue & TarSands & the pipeline. The pipeline he refers to, right at the beginning, is the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, currently in the final review phase by the State Department.

Bill McKibben addresses OWS in NYC: VIDEO here

Some further reading at Friends of the Earth CLICK HERE

The Canadian oil and gas company TransCanada hopes to begin building a new oil pipeline that would trek close to 2,000 miles from Alberta, Canada to Texas. If constructed, the pipeline, known as the Keystone XL, will carry one of the world’s dirtiest fuels: tar sands oil. Along its route from Alberta to Texas, this pipeline could devastate ecosystems and pollute water sources, and would jeopardize public health.


Please join us:  Occupy Houston on Saturday at Energy Day in silent protest at noon downtown.

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