Are you ready for the CORPORATE HOUSE OF HORRORS?

Greetings boys and ghoulssssss,

Occupy Houston is proud to announce its first ever Corporate House of Horrors! On October 29th, 7:00pm-10:00pm, Tranquility Park will be transformed into a spooky, eerie, freaaaaky haunted house – with one catch!

This house won’t be full of fake, false, and made-up horrors, this house will be filled with all the REAL HORRORS corporations inflict on humans, animals, and the planet! The real ghouls, demons, and specters are the faceless corporations wearing the skinssss of humanssss but acting like MONSTERS!

Come one, come all to experience the real horror we’re fighting! Pre-Halloween, because no one can compete with Halloween parties! Bring your families, your kids, and your brains! Because if you leave ‘em at home in front of the TV, a banking banshee might steal it awaaayyy-y-y-y-y!!!


Here is what we need:

PLEASE NOTE, some of this stuff we don’t need 20 of – if y’all would be so kind as to get in touch with Maria Heg about what materials are needed, that would be utterly fantastic., or 7135530084 (voicemails are generally lost in the void – text would be best if you can’t reach me via phone).

  • Wooden beams – two 10ft2in. beams to support a sign (particle board or plywood) about 19ft across that will be painted on.
  • STURDY corrugated cardboard, about 80ft!
  • the use of three (3) projectors on the night of the 29th
  • extension cords
  • fake spiderwebs
  • skeletons! plastic or paper mache
  • dry ice

Also, we could definitely use some people to help build a couple of things on Thursday, perhaps – ought not take too long, simple stuff. Let Maria know if you’re interested!