Come with us to City Hall! today noon, meet @ Camp Tranquility!

Members of Occupy Houston are attending tomorrow’s [TODAY ! Tuesday 10/25/11} City Council meeting at 2:00pm to address our issues in sustaining our occupation. We want the right to keep tents and covering for us and our belongings and reliable utilities to keep our site up and running. A few of us are on the docket to speak, and we welcome the public at large to attend this meeting to support us and our cause!

If you are going to rally with us at City Hall there are a few rules you must follow. We’re going to be on camera with government officials. We’ll not just be repesenting ourselves, but occupy movements worldwide. Regarding the the city ordinances concerning city council meetings please:

  • bring signs and banners, but don’t use them to block aisles, others’ view of the meeting, or otherwise disturb the meeting
  • only let one person speak at a time
  • bring any paper bags, plastic bags, handbags, briefcases, purses, satchel boxes, envelopes, tape recorders, or containers of any sort to the speaker’s podium. They’ll provide a drawer for those.
  • don’t clap, boo, yell, applaud, or otherwise audibly express your approval or disapproval of what happens at the meeting. Let’s use our general assembly hand signals!
  • don’t engage in disorderly conduct while addressing the council

Violating these ordinances isn’t a municipal offense, but they do have police officers on hand who will escort you out of the meeting for breaking the rules.

Remember that we’re addressing politicians. They want to get re-elected. They may not necessarily take a stand on our issues. A cool, collected, and constant initiative will help us out.

There’s a planning meeting at 12:00 noon in Tranquility Park to organize before we head to city hall. Come to the park and come with us to city hall. We can’t stress how important it is that you come with us and that we make a good showing in front of the city council. This our big chance to make our voices heard!