Follow The Occupation!

There are currently 300 representatives of the 99% occupying Hermann Square Plaza in downtown Houston. We are telling our stories and speaking out against the corruption that plagues our government and lives! Our Facebook group is full of statements of support from our neighbors here and abroad. If you’re unable to meet us in front of city hall and still want to get the scoop there are a few ways to watch us change things:

  • Facebook: We post regular status updates and the errant photos. It’s remarkable to see how the the 99% come together in support!
  • @OccupyHouston: Our official twitter account has a great read on the energy of the crowd.
  • #OccupyHouston: People in and around us are posting about us and the other occupy movements. Some excellent comments and pictures are being traded back and forth. Please add the #OccupyHouston hash tag when you tweet about us!
  • Live Video Streaming: We’ve got a laptop and camera roaming the occupation and recording everyone’s experiences.

If you have more amazing photos or videos that you want to get to us please email Thanks, and stand strong!