GA Meeting Notes – Oct 10 7:00pm

General Assembly Monday October 10, 2011 7:24pm-10:04

Moderator: Jon P

Scribe: Nicole B

Attendance 115+ people


Greeting: Jon P

  • Set down ground rules and process of how the meeting should be run


Safety Announcement: Police won’t stop people from standing in the medians, but advise against it, due to all the car accidents along that certain section of Allen Parkway. If you do choose to stand in the medians, you are taking your safety into your own hands.

Topic: Affiliation with the Arab Spring

  • Passed: Language for the website
    • “Occupy Houston stands in solidarity with the spirit of Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring and democratic movements worldwide against oppression and injustice.”

Topic: March and Rally at the Energy festival Saturday

  • Tabled:
    • Silent (family event do not want to scare the kids) march/ rally protesting Big Oil (that oil companies are asking for tax cuts and the money that will fund these tax cuts will be taken from property taxes and thus from the schools) and the building of a pipeline
    • We would wear white shirts(in solidarity against black oil) and red strips over our mouths that reads 99%
    • If this is passed we will be in need for white t-shirts (if possible non sweatshop made or bought secondhand from thrift stores)

Web Announcement: There are complaints about how the website is not user friendly

Topic: Web team request

  • If you have any Pictures or Videos you would like to have posted on Occupy Houston’s website please contact Kevin at

Topic: There has been an injunction filed to state that all structures we erect will be uses as symbols of our protest thus protected under the first amendment.

Topic: Thank you all for your generous donations. We are still in need of ice and coffee and Led Quad Lanterns(ex. Coleman Quad LED Lantern). There is a list of needs on our website Please also pick up litter.

Announcement: Sound permits are $30 and are only useable for a single day

Topic: Moving

  • We are moving from Tinsley park back to City hall (Decided at an earlier GA )
    • Tabled Proposal: We move to Lower Tranquility Park as our base camp
      • No sprinklers
      • We would not have to move every weekend
      • Only two blocks from city hall
      • However unlike City Hall its does not hold a strong political message

Announcement: There are no noon GA meetings; they are planning meetings.

Topic: We have recycling bins. Please crush your bottles.

Topic: Outreach

  • Trying to reach out to organizations in the community that support our movement to come to GA’s as guess speakers
  • Website is not user friendly. Trying to get Announcements in multiple languages posted.
  • People who support our movement but can’t make it we will request their pictures to be posted to show who is the 99%

Topic: Metro rally

  • Tabled
    • People are still planning to attend but will not be affiliated with Occupy Houston it is at the Metro building at 8:30

Topic: Name tags for work groups

  • Passed

Topic: Indigenous peoples

  • Tabled: That Occupy Houston adopt the following statement
    • We recognize that the land we are occupying belonged to the Karankawa Indian tribes who fought long into the 19th century against assimilation and extermination by settlers. We understand that the corporate corruption for democracy has roots in colonialism and the oppression of indigenous peoples.

Topic: More Marches

  • Passed: March in the city at the times the people are out and about
    • 7-7:30am
    • 11-12:30
    • 5pm

Topic: Go away from Occupy Wall Street

  • Proposal: Not passed
    • Also the young man who made this proposal started making false accusations of people that were not present

Topic: 5pm set discussion time

  • Tabled

Topic: Donated P.O. Box

  • Passed
    • Occupy Houston will have a mailing address

Topic: Art show

  • Passed
    • Details still to be worked out


Attention All:

I apologize for the lack of precise information in the minutes from this meeting, but it is very hard to take notes when everyone is talking over each other and not listening to what others are saying. We have a process that works if we all abide by it. Please have the respect to not interrupt the speaker and wait to be called on to speak. Use the non-verbal hand signs ( ). Everyone will have a chance to speak. The meetings will go a lot more effectively and faster if we all abide by the guidelines set in place. We are in this together. Please work together respectfully. Thank you for your understanding.