GA Meeting Notes – Oct 9 7:00pm

Start Attendance: 38
unfortunately, mid and end attendance counts were not taken. sorry.

Start Time: 7PM
Selection and explanation of roles of moderator and facilitator


* As a temporary measure, the police have agreed to allow us to put up tents. We need more of them. someone volenteered to twitter it immediately.
* Due to the mud generated by the weather, two people have volenteered to do laundry for the group. Please write your name on the tag (or somewhere) prior to puttig your clothing in the collection basket. The collection location will be determined later.
* The police have pointed out more than once that we are littering with cigarette butts. Stop it. We can be ticketed for littering if you leave your butts on the ground.
* Please recycle your water bottles. If you can’t recycle them, at least throw them away. Sean is doing recycling. A person volunteered to carry out recycling
* In general, please pick up after yourselves.

Action Committee Reports

* the cigarette butts are a big deal. The cops have mentioned them more than once. Stop littering.
* The trash can in the middle of the camp has recycling bags around it. They’re labled with marker and the rain did not wash off the marker.
* pizza boxes cannot be recycled with cardboard due to the grease. Please rip them up and put them in the normal trash
* three recyclers volunteered to help us

* needs more volunteers
* hari krishnas have brought food
* food available at that time was listed (the list was too extensive to be caught for the minutes)
* hari krishna’s have volenteered to provide food again in the future if we ask them
POI: several people have brought food (the list was added to)

Locations (Evan)
Tranquility Park Option
* con: may require permitts
* right next to city hall
* can’t go back to city hall due to it already being scheduled/permitted
* small tranquility park was not checked out
Spotts/Scotts Park
* called Scotts park erroneously
* less visibility from the road
* covered pavilion with electricity
* 20 min walk past this location (wich is a 20 min walk to city hall)
POI: it’s Spotts Park not Scotts Park

POI: Dustin is checking with the mayor about Tranquility’s permitting
Question: What are the facilities like?
Answer: Spotts park had one visible outhouse/porta-potty
Question: Can we use propane?
Answer: No
Additional answer: possibly cannot use proane in city parks ever due to city ordenance

There was a break in the meeting when someone arrived with tents and needed help unloading them. Meeting resumed at 7:28.

* med tent location pointed out
* dry feet are important. it’s better to have uncovered feet than wear wet socks
* rec center has showers
* if you can’t shower, use wipes to clean anywhere covered by socks or underwear every day
POI: rec center showers are open from 1PM to 6PM

Stack (opinions and proposals mixed, POI used for any interjection):

is a film maker. filmed the first palestinian intafada and witnessed many similiar movements.
arrests turn the general public off
Houston is just as important as new york
New york will get too cold for the occupation soon
houston could be the hug
it has sensible authorities (cops, mayor)
we should set up a base camp and send out delegations into the neighborhoods
POI: talk to the outreach team about reaching out to communities
POI: talk to the diversity team as well

my wife was on TV from inside the federal building. Alex Jones put it on his website.
Facebook is a great way to outsource
occupy wallstreet officially awknowledged occupy houston
Ahmed told people in Gaza Square in Egypt “even people in texas are organizing”
the movement is gaining momentum
POI: Taquaria Square, not Gaza Square

Man (same as yesterday)
this is not an egyption or palistinian movement
come to get voter registrations cards
we can pin them on our shirts during the occupation so officials can see that we’re also voters

Another Person
Large March will be organized
marches good for folks who can’t camp out

Another Person
Proposal: Solidarity with the Arab Uprising
Question: what does solidarity mean?
Answer: solidarity means understanding and expressing sympathy with their strugle
2 blocks: both because new folks might not know about the Arab Spring and be turned off
facilitator refered discussion to the diversity committee

Discussion / Proposal to extend discussion
Since this is the last thing on the agenda, can we hash this out tonight
POI: blocks shouldn’t be stopping the process
Proposal: extend discussion
POI: majority vote needed to extend for a 10 min interval
prosoal to extend discussion passed

Discussion Stack Created

Woman w/ baby
we’ll get more folks than we loose
it’s a good education oportunity

POI from bearded guy
a block represents a deeply held moral objection
it needs to be used carefully
it is respected by tabling discussion

Additional points made by others during this discussion
we can’t cater to racists
we need to keep our statements simple and on point
objections to the implication that racism is the reason for this objection
blocks are being used in several different ways by the occupy houston group
we should include lots of countries
we’re a diverse group

Original two blockers explained:
they personally didn’t object to solidarity, but they thought it might be alienating to others
they are willing to discuss it in committee


A finance team was formed. To join find Ginger or Remmington

If we want cereal in the morning, we’ll need milk and bowls. We have cereal.