GA Minutes for Oct. 20th

Intro to GA Process

Housekeeping reminders -no smoking in park, no littering, no peeing

Shaun: Use the new hand washing station! We need worms for vermiculture. We are using the greywater from hand washing station to water plants.

Sarah- we now have video version of the hand signals (posted in forums)

Website report back-

Accept Proposals page –when posting GA Minutes, please also add all accepted proposals to this Accepted Proposals page.

-site is now bilingual -Thanks, Selene !! and Selene’s mom, and others who will also be translating!

-Over 11,000 Likes on Facebook

-Over 5,000 Followers on Twitter

-when possible in conversations on Facebook, Twitter, etc, try to direct people to the website, where the most centralized and frequently updated information can be found.

Security report back-

-We NEED more security volunteers. There are shifts available every night for as little as 1 hour.

Announcement: BP Action today with the Coalition for Peace Dick Gregory stopped by and gave a speech.

Announcement: Oct. 18th approx. 2pm Jolanda Jones (Jo Jones) stopped by and spoke to OccHou.

John P: Clean Sweep this Saturday! There will be food, music and community!

-starts at 9am

-lunch at 12 noon

Announcment: Re-purpose market at 2850 Fannin

Swim Announcement:

-Be sure to return your sleeping materials to storage in the morning after you get up.

-We need volunteers! Especially for Food, Medical, Warehouse and Security

-Be the change you want to see.


-Oct. 22nd – Protest against police brutality

-3pm Market Square Park

-Wear all black

proposal to accept the action against police brutality as an official Occupy Houston action -PASSED

Joslin – proposal: Reach out to more established groups like public service and EMT, teachers, etc. -PASSED

Joslin -suggestion: Overnight occupiers might consider placing a sign next to where they are sleeping.


-Flash Mob planning.

-1/2 bystanders with fake money, 1/2 zombies

-if participating, must attend at least one rehearsal at Good Jobs Great Houston around 5PM, Oct. 29th and 30th

-Flash Mob accepted as official OccHou action (details to be released at planning sessions and closer to the date) –PASSED

Maria (media) :

-Haunted House of Corporate Horrors planning -will take place at Tranquility Park on the 29th.

-Get with Maria if you want to help / get involved with this project

-Proposal for House of Corporate Horrors to be official Occupy Houston event -ACCEPTED

Eric: We need to make the effort / we need to be the change we want to see. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer your help! This is all-inclusive and the various positions need to cycle through and be done by different people.

Ian: stresses importance of having centralized gen info for newcomers -use the white board

Alex: response to ‘camping trip’ — stresses the importance of having fun so that we *want* to be here, and so new people want to come back

Karl: We’re getting serious and need to have more fun

Joe: Welcomes diverse opinions -says the most contradictory perspectives show us what the challenges are in reaching others and welcoming them to the movement

Remington: Put together a YouTube video from last weekend, wants to put on site (just email your video link to or approach a website group person)

Amanda M: Let’s not pee in the park. If women have to use the porta potties, so do the guys! No peeing in the park. It smells.

Nico: Can we come together as a family ? We need more people, more flyers, etc. Expresed much love for the movement and everyone here.

Scott: response to camping-vs-party discussion- ┬áit’s great if we want to have more fun, but the thing is that we don’t have enough people yet to focus on the optimal circumstances of parties and fun… The main people who are here most often are spread very thinly to cover multiple positions. We NEED more volunteers to cover the basic functions and needs, THEN we can focus on fun and parties more.

John P: Maybe lift the tone of movies shown on movie nights. Change it up — alternate some full features, etc, along with the serious documentaries.

Steven J: Trip to Dallas leaving at 10AM Oct. 21st, to confront Rupert Murdoch’s super committee Chairman while he plays golf in Dallas. Transportation provided –we will be leaving between 10-11AM.

Sarah: thousands of flyers will be delivered tonight, for people to hand out.

Ian: we need to welcome the Critical Mass bike rally/event folks that will be out