General Assembly Minutes – Oct. 28, 2011

Intro to GA -hand signals, etc.

Volunteer Group Reports Back

Outreach (Amy)- Occupy the Streets went well,

  • Wed, Juan Gonzalez was here and spoke at Occupy Houston!
  • Tuesday, Nov. 1st at 5:30 a rep from local credit unions will be available for those interested in opening accounts in preparation for the divestment march on the 4th.
  • Sun – Bob Buzzanco will be here at the GA

Sustainability (Shamus)

  • We are growing seeds, have compost, are working on a mobile feast, working more on power campaign,
  • Could use help from sustainability volunteers , especially for Last Organic Outpost – contact Shamus

OWS Study Group (Jim)

  • Sunday at 4pm showing 2 short films

Media (David)

  • 59 & Montrose overpass , held banner, it was awesome, Operation Rush Hour Monday 4PM  -Monday – Friday. Come out! We do many major overpasses.

Security (JJ)

  • Security table where sustainability used to be.
  • Fire extinguishers have been donated
  • Personal accountability reminders: pick up cigarette butts on sidewalks, recycle plastic bottles, people slacking all the time could just as easily be cleaning

General Announcements

Carl- Halloween Flash Mob, Sat and Sun rehearsals 11-3 !!

Jamin- food area tour after GA

Ryan- Operation rush Hour a success, OH app (for mobile devices) needs programmers

Vanessa- Cold and flu season, use hand sanitizer


  • Nov. 2 – Oakland Solidarity March
  • Nov. 11 – John Carlos free lecture 6PM at Shape Center

David K- going to document what’s going on on his Twitter

Anai- refugee from Burma who has been waiting over 2 years to receive aid from the government. He is still jobless and homeless. (We are glad to have you with us, Anai!)

Vanessa- Stepping away from food station , staying to consult.

Carl- Oakland mayor stands with Occupy Movement.

Chris- Idea to boost morale with Story Time (after GA when people can share stores, jokes, etc)

Proposal: Dr. Shea: Workshops and education classes –Points of Information-  regarding existing groups and the need for more volunteers to run classes / teach-ins like these. Point of Process: proposal not necessary

Proposal: Maya: A daycare M, W, F from 6:30 to after GA –tabled to figure out legal concerns


David E- be active, make a sign

Andy- Direct your anger not with violence but with determination

Carl – 1% rant

Carlos – volunteer groups need to communicate more. Be the movement, use signs, start marches.

Joe R-

  • water – connection will show how to hook up meter so we can use city water directly from the fire hydrant.
  • City council trying to shut down the public comment forum on Tuesdays for further notice to avoid talking with OccupyHouston.

Pierre – making a card for Scott Olson

Dr. Shea- Always with us, is a cab driver and night and teaches in the day, has many items to donate. Says to stay strong through the cold and be patient with the revolution.

Noah- Occupy the Streets, Sleep out Saturday, going out and getting opinions and hearing people’s experiences; we need to talk to each other and the world and get different perspectives.

Amanda- Critical Mass girl getting messed with by police for wearing a police costume. [some occupiers assemble with signs and go to offer support]

Darin – Money is the excuse for why nothing gets done. Money has outlived its usefulness. People can help each other, feed each other. Would like to see a uni-Earth flag to symbolize humanity coming together with basic needs of everyone in mind

Amy (?) – listen to people

Edwin- chief of Staff of Oakland has resigned. Use the internet, it works. Fox News is annoyed with us, tweet, your phone is a weapon. EdwinDMunoz on Twitter , Liking things on Facebook, sharing images, etc. IS making a real difference!

John P- use his house for storage

Artem- someone needs a ride from Beaumont (carpooling forum)

Scott- went to work in new public school position and talked about the kids having consensus type processes

Selene – Nov. 2, Solidarity with Oakland march… check out the site and FB for more updates on this