General Assembly Minutes – Oct 17, 2011

General Assembly 10/17/2001
70 people attending

Volunteer workgroup reports:
Craig w/ News: there have been 1,592 people arrested since Occupy Wall Street began – None of them are bankers. 1000+ have been arrested in 82 countries.
Joe w/ Direct Action: There is a protest on 18 October at 1200 Texas Ave. to protest the prison industrial complex.
Carl: Delivered a jail experience report and a plan for a “zombie attack” on a bank on Halloween.
Shawn w/ Logistics: We need red worms to eat our compost and two red wagons to help transport our solar panels and batteries.
Shawn w/ Security: We need security shifts
Jamyn w/ Outreach: Visited Occupy Dallas today and gave a status report

Proposals passed:
Post to website: “Occupy Houston stands in solidarity with the protest by Houston United at the Federal Detention Facility. We condemn immigrant detention as an industry traded on Wall Street!”