General Assembly Minutes – Oct. 22, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – October 22, 2011, 7:00pm CDT
Approximately 50 in attendance

Jenny – Greeting and Introduction

Volunteer Group Announcements:
Carlos w/ Occupy Wall Street Rapid Action Direst: There will be a study group at 4:30pm Sunday Oct. 23 with videos and discussions about the occupy movements in Greece.
Erick w/ Logistics: Volunteer sheets for “tent shifts” will go up tonight.
Vera w/ Logistics: We need a potential donor list from finance. Talk to Melissa at the news committee.
Shamus w/ Sustainability: We’ve become a model for occupation sustainability! Please keep recycling and composting and picking up after everyone.
V w/ Diversity: There will be a diversity group meeting after the GA.

Volunteer Group Proposals:

Individual Announcements:
Scott: Please be aware of crime in the park.
Scott: There is a marathon tomorrow at 7:30am at Sam Houston Park. We should flyer the marathon.
Mary: Diane has lost her netbook. There is a reward. Please contact a staff member.
Mary: Occupy Austin has donated land. We should ask for our own.
Erick: We are postponing the “tent shift” list until Monday.

Individual Proposals:
Benjamin: Clarify the “no drugs” rule to “no illicit drugs” – passed by consesus.

Erick: An anti-homeless bias needs to be addressed
Erick: I love all of you.
Evan C: We need to be wary of non-participant occupants. Save our resources (food, blankets) for the ones who work for us first.
Evan: The anti police brutality protest was awesome! “Thanks for being so cool, occupiers!”
Joe: “This land was made for you and me!” No beer in the park!
Joe: We got a new huge crockpot. We need food anf chef volunteers to use it!
JJ: Introducing as a new security volunteer
Mary: We need a private land donation.
Jeff: “Occupy private property is not a protest.”
Scott: We need security people tonight
JJ: Let the medics know if you’re on prescription meds.
Jamin: If you want something done, then make it happen.
Mary: There is a new allergies list at the first aid table.