General Assembly Minutes – Oct. 24, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – October 24, 2011 7:00pm
Approximately 55 in attendance.

Facilitators: Prescott & Matthew
Stack Coordinator: Artem
Stackers: John & Mary
Timer: Carlos
Scribe: Vanessa

Benjamin – Introductions

Volunteer Group Announcements:
Jamin w/ Logistics: concerning interacting with City Hall tomorrow:
1) No person shall display signs, posters, banners. No interference in aisles, obstructing views, etc.
2) 1 person speaking at a time
3) No paper or plastic bags, purses, boxes, tape recorders or containers
4) No applause , boo or speaking out in a loud raucous manner
5) No disorderly conduct
Artem w/ Logistics: There is a planning meeting before city council at noon at Tranquility Park.
Maria w/ Outreach: Need materials for the haunted house, check the website. There is a poetry reading / walk Sunday 10/30 5:00pm – 8:00pm.
Seamus w/ Sustainability: We need to take out the trash, keep compost in the compost bins, and pay more attention to littering.
Mary w/ Medical: We need volunteers. Please notify us about allergies and health issues. Step away from the medical table before using bug spray.
JJ w/ Security: We’re short handed. See him or John.
Swim w/ Finance: We’ve got a small system to make finances accountable. Purchases under $100 need 3 volunteer groups to approve. Purchases over $100 need 5 groups approval. If larger than it needs GA approval.

Personal Announcements:
Summer: Re: Queer Voices. KPFT needs GBLT participants.
Carlos: We’re going to Austin on 11/2 to protest Valero.
CK: 11/11/11 student walkout at 11:00am at UofH.
Twyst: From Los Angeles, CA. See him for a flyer about the Iran Green Movement. Occupy LA has 200-300 tent campers, a print shop, and detente the city.
Matthew: He will speak with city council regarding access to clean water.
Swim: No littering or smoking. Pick up after yourself after you wake up and return your bedding to warehouse. We have a workgroup meetings board and a to-do list.
Chris: Houston I.S.O./John Carlos is speaking at the Shape Center 11/11 at 6:00pm
Mike: We’re having recycling pickup at 8am tomorrow.
Jolanda: Procedures regarding speaking in front of city council.

Get companies to subsidize our building green energy and selling back to the grid – Blocked, 2 blocks
Making money is antithetical to occupy’s goals – Tabled
Will make an inventory of food & warehouse, and post the list publicly – PASSED

Carlos: Occupy Austin does marches after each GA& wants Houston to do likewise.
Evan: Feels when there is a speaker is on deck that no others should stand behind them. Others arriving that stand behind them is distracting.
Hugh: Recognition is what we need. He’s contacted NAACP, Cornell West, Tavis Smiley. We need endorsements to grow our numbers.