General Assembly Minutes – Oct. 27, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – October 27, 2011 7:00pm
Approximately 55 in attendance.

Facilitators: Raffi, Jeff
Stack Coordinator: Sarah
Stackers: Noah, Carlos
Timer: Vanessa
Scribe: Jeremy
Umbrella holders: V, Miguel
Greeters: Scott, Erick, Amy
Moderator: Rob

Volunteer Group Announcements:
Sustainability: Seamus – situation with the police the batteries may be a fire hazard. They weren’t covered in the burn ban. We will continue to enclose all of our batteries. We are growing plants!

Facilitation: Scott – Block process, passed a proposal a while back where one block per person per proposal, it was a weak consensus. Explaining the new block process. The blockers are given 3 minutes to convince others of the block. If another person blocks after, then there is another consensus. If it’s still not resolved, then it gets tabled. Then the proposers and blockers are encouraged to discuss this at length.

Outreach: Erick – 29th corporate house of horrors, 11.11.11 global day of protest walk out, then poetry, then wells fargo. Nov.12 national sleep out saturday, talk to Noah. The polling march. 4pm on the 30th two youtube videos.

Websites: Cassie – working on come to me and tell me what address you want at

Operation Rush Hour Work Group: Ryan – started today, went well. Went to different overpasses and showed signs over overpasses. Uniform wear. Everyday about 4pm

Diversity?: Ben – KPFT Clear Voices needs people to come by monday at 8:50pm show up to make yourself heard. There will be a carpool

Diversity: Noah – We as a movement want people to come talk about their own diversity.

Sarah – reports of inappropriate groping and soliciting money for sexual favors. Get the f**k out if you do it or plan on it!

Legal: Burke – There are ways around having to get rid of the batteries, they are necessary we need them for our protest. Just for tonight I ask that the batteries be disconnected from what they draw power from or give it to. If you don’t there is a chance for eviction. Don’t know the legal basis, but it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow we will negotiate with those needed to resolve this peacefully. Sustainability information: they are perfectly safe we should keep them covered. Also not covered in the burn ban.


Personal Announcements:

Tara Escudero: Gulf Coast Outreach Coordinator 631-428-6794 – not really involved just moved to Houston from New York, job is to organize students and fly them from new orleans to dallas where students get to learn how to be organizers to move toward renewable resources. Better Future Project

Wonderland: finance need donations and supplies. I have a connection with a non profit director willing to give us our own sector. Legal pan handling. Willing to help us get uniform shirts. Microphones with permits. Permanent structure permits.


Taylor and Kent: request that occupy endorse a new investigation for 9/11. High on the list for occupy wall street. Transferred money from the public to corporations because of 9/11. Block: 2 – 1. Ethical commitment to logical. The process is getting into an issue with clear separation of powers issues. 2. should be purely economical and humanitarian movement. We need to set up a new power basis to govern the 9/11 investigation. Favor 6 apposed 6 3 blocks – tabled.

Raffi: 2 valid reasons to not vote in the election. Turn out is low or don’t believe in the candidates. People need to vote!!! Amy Price should be voted for because she supports us and the issues we stand for. Please vote for her. Houston City Council at Large.

Chris: Morale building. Maybe if we had like story time or jokes anything to boost morality around here. Have a fun time and such after GA or something. 9+ hour for entertainment, just need people to do it.

Charlie: tents wether we should have them or not. When you have rain you should bring out your tent.

Erick: Voter boxes have been proven to be hackable. Just saying. Try to make it analog it’s a bit more safe, maybe a lot more safe. I <3 you guys. Scott: Vibes and feelings. Today I had not enough water and I got bossy and then they threw a biscuit at me and then I yelled at them. So it was this big thing because we weren’t keeping our emotions in check. If you want to react to something just be mindful of yourself. Ben: 1. Opinions should be for whatever the person making the opinion wants. The signs around the streets where we are is good enough because there are tons of people there. We should get rid of guest speakers from GA. Moment of Silence for Scott the Iraq War Vet that got hit in the head with tear gas.