General Assembly Notes – Oct 18, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – October 18, 2011 7:00pm

Evan – Hand signals

Volunteer Group Announcements
Shawn – We have a handwashing station. Bury your Trash in compost.
Mary – Food
Catherine – Request for a daily needs list
Shawn – Security
Joe – Report back, Tuesday public comments at the mayor’s office or city council, protest 287g “insecure community”
John – Donate brooms and stand-up dust pans for city cleanup
John – Houston United emonstration report back – Thanks for the show of solidarity at the protest.
Clay – Forming an assets and strategies volunteer group
Dustin – SOBE needs microfiche help concerning the Hermann Square occupation at the Thursday meeting
Carl – P.O.I. “last will” clause stated. conference on sexual & domestic abuse tomorrow morning
Carl – Bank dancing flash mob – zombie themed on halloween planned
Carlos – November 2: transport to Austin will be provided for protesting Valero there.
Andy – Outreach meetings are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 6:00pm

Group Proposals
Andy – “Peace Intelligence” proposal – food growing in home
Carl – Create an executive arrogance counterintelligence working group – blocked – “dirty pool” objection
Lief – Proposal on creating proposal guidelines – passed – Evan is making a proposal form

Joe – There is a political fundraiser protest tomorrow. “I hold the lamp by the golden door.”
Eric – “I love you man, and woman, and everyone. Say hello”.
John – We need collective self policing solutions before arrest.
Jenny – San Jacinto students are unaware of our movement.
Carl – Harry Truman “never kick a fresh turd”. “I wonder how many times you have to be hit on the head…”
Trey – Create a flyer workgroup as a part of outreach
John – Houston Indy Media at greenwatch tx on Access Houston 8:30 – 9:30
Clay – Movement statement: species moving in line with natural cause.
Matt – Bring love outside of the GA
Andy: website should address parking
V – “Just do it”
Lief – Sidewalk chalk is not allowed. It is illegal
John – Honored to be amongst us. “It gives me hope for the future.”