Getting to Market Square Park

We’ve had a lot of questions from occupiers asking how to get to Market
Square Park on Thursday. Market Square park is located downtown at the
corner of Milam St. and Preston St.

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If you drive

Traffic will be rough, and parking will likely be limited. If you want to drive it’s best to drive to the Wheeler Metro Rail station and take the train to the Preston Station. See below for more details.

If you’re bringing supplies or things too large to carry on the train then you should park in the vicinity of Market Square. There are two parking lots adjacent to the park. They cost $6 to $7 per day. Otherwise there’s parking in the Market Square Garage across Milam from the park for $7/day. There’s also meter parking on the streets, nearby but we don’t recommend parking there since you’d periodically have to come back to renew your fare.

If you need a ride

Please post to our carpooling forum if you need a ride or can provide a ride to Market Square. There are folks out there who are happy to help!

If you ride the Metro

Market Square Park is surrounded by four Metro stations: Milam St @ Congress St, Milam St @ Preston St, Travis St @ Preston St, and Congress St @ Travis St. Each of these has their own connecting bus routes. Use Metro’s park and ride scheduler to plan your best route.

If you want to ride the rail into downtown head to Wheeler Station, and ride the train northbound to Preston Station. Head west northwest to get to Market Square. Rail tolls are $1.50/ride.