Occupation Site Guidelines

Our logistics volunteer group has been hard at work organizing everything and making sure everyone at Tranquility Park has their needs taken of. They’ve come up with a few simple rules to help make our occupation a smooth one:

  1. Please don’t borrow anything without asking first. This includes community items like lanterns and extra blankets. We need to keep track of our stock and make sure everyone’s taken care of.
  2. There is no smoking inside any city park, including Tranquility Park. It’s against the law, and the police will write you a ticket for it. Please some on the sidewalks around the park.
  3. Drugs and alcohol are not tolerated in the park.
  4. Please don’t litter, and clean up after others who are littering. Let’s keep our occupation clean!
  5. Please make use of the recycle and compost bins. They’re on the concrete down the stairs as you enter the park.
  6. Please do not go behind the tables unless you’re on a volunteer group or directed there by a group.
  7. Please don’t loiter on the tarps in front of the tables. We need that space to assist people.
  8. Please don’t eat near the tables, especially the food table. It attracts ants and ruins our day.
  9. If you need something from behind the tables or can’t find what you’re looking for please ask for assistance.
  10. Pack up your bedding area every morning and place it in the storage area. Leaving it out kills the grass under it.
  11. Please use designated restrooms.
  12. If you stay overnight then we recommend you volunteer for a security shift. It’s a great way to contribute and get to know your occupiers!
  13. Lost and found is located by the warehouse in the logistics area.
  14. Quiet hours are 10:00pm to 7:00am. Please keep your conversations low and respect those trying to catch some z’s.