Occupy Houston on GreenWatch TV air date 10.19.11

Now this is ‘must see TV’!  Occupy Houston on GreenWatch TV Oct 19 2011 (air date).

Guests: Maria-Elisa Heg, Steven Johnson, Dustin Phipps, Gessner Soto, Jocelyn Viera, Shaun Crump; all standing in solidarity not only with other occupiers, but with the 99%.

Here, our fellow Houston participants tell their stories: why they’re participating in OH (Occupy Houston), what motivates them. They also edify those of us who are nonparticipants how the movement is organized (e.g. the General Assemblies, consensus, people’s mike, food, medical care, recycling, solar power energy supply, activities including “greeters” who orient and welcome newcomers to the park). AND they share dreams of what a thriving future would look like. We thank our guests for all they do.  ~GWTV

From about the 40:00 minute mark, OH Occupiers give their answers the question posed:  “Is that all Occupy Houston is about…. asking questions?”

The current system that we have now is completely unsustainable. …. Its wildly irresponsible… You’ve got these folks with massive amounts of money basically acting like a sixteen year old with a brand new Mustang…  It’s… it’s insane, frankly.  And if we don’t stand up and say ‘This is wrong, it needs to be addressed!” …  I mean, the future of the planet is at stake and we’re all gonna be going down the tubes right along with the 1% !”

~Dustin Phipps

Ain’t that some truth!


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