OccupyHouston Divestment March [UPDATED]

Friday, November 4 · 9:00am – 12:30pm

Tranquility Park

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Come join us as we march through downtown Houston to the major banks responsible for the current economic crises. We will  let them know their corrupt practices will no longer be tolerated by the 99%.If the 99% removes our funds from the major banking institutions to non-profit credit unions on or before November 5, we will send a clear message to the 1% that conscious consumers will not support institutions with unethical business practices. Bank of America, CHASE, Wells Fargo, and the other big banks are so large and behave so irresponsibly that they put our entire economy at risk.

In addition, these financial institutions have engaged in tax evasion through offshoring of capital into tax havens and lobbying for tax loopholes, all the while continuing to foreclose on peoples’ homes, often times illegally. The American people have already had to bail them out once, and yet, the banks continue in their unethical practices. Our logical response at this point is to move our money.

Divestment March

The march will meet at 9AM in Tranquility Park to prepare to march at 10AM. We will stop along the way for approx. 30min at each of the four banks we are divesting from (except UBS) to protest and give people time to close their accounts. The total walking time will be about an hour which makes for about a 3 hour march.  We will end back in Tranquility so that we can do group banking with the credit unions  that will hopefully agree to setup there, and to issue a few statements about the march (kind of a short pep rally). We will also be serving lunch (pending suitable donations) after the march back at Tranquility Park and having a card cutting ceremony.

All members of the public are encouraged to attend this event, whether they choose to divest (close their accounts) from the banks or not. We are also encouraging people who have accounts at other major financial institutions that are not included on the march, like UBS and Citigroup, to please consider closing your account before this event (you can still take part in the card cutting ceremony after the march).

  1. Bank of America Center
  2. JP Morgan Chase Regional Headquarters in the Gulf Building
  3. Wells Fargo Plaza
  4. Amegy Bank (corner of Smith & Lamar)

UPDATE: We’ve received word that the man himself, the award winning director, producer, documentarian, and activist Michael Moore is in town and may attend this rally! Come on out and do your part!