RALLY For Responsible Energy! 12:00 noon, Oct 15

Members of Occupy Houston will rally in silent protest at Energy Day on Saturday October 15, 2011.

Energy Day is sponsored the big oil companies responsible for the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and for building the Keystone XL Pipeline, a potential serious environmental disaster running from Alberta, Canada right into our backyard! Valero and other oil refining companies are seeking a tax refund to the tune of $135million to cover the cost of hydrotreating equipment to reduce pollution. This refund is coming from our property taxes. Money meant for schools may go to large oil companies to cover these costs! We need to educate festival goers that there are serious threats to our planet, local tax money wasted, and a serious corruption chain behind big oil!

We will march the perimeter of the festival in white shirts and red bandannas or $1 bills over our mouths. Why do we cover our mouths? Why are we silent? Because the 99% of the citizens in this country do not have a voice in this country! Why do we wear white? It’s the opposite of black, the color of oil, and a symbol of the corruption and collusion rampant in the big energy industry.

Meet at 12:00 noon on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at lower Tranquility Park. Show up in your white shirts, bandannas, and bring a $1 bill. After we gather ourselves, get organized, and settled, we march at 12:30pm one block south to Hermann Square Plaza, right outside City Hall. It’s all-right if you don’t show up in a white shirt. We’ll have you covered.

We’d also like to make a call for contributions of white shirts and red bandannas to make sure everyone is ready to go! If you want to paint “99%” on your shirt then please use Krylon indoor/outdoor gloss spray paint, banner red color. We’ve found that shows up best when applied to cotton t-shirts. We need volunteers to stand at the beginning and end of our line to hand out leaflets that educate interested festival goers.

Some of the companies at Energy Day are environmentally conscious. In addition to exposing the facts behind big oil our leaflets direct people to the companies present at the festival who do consider our environment and offer safe, renewable sources of energy.

Stand with us, Houston! Let’s make a showing and get the word out! We’ll see you on Saturday!

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