Occupy Houston now at Tranquility Park

Occupy Houston has decided to move its base camp to Tranquility Park, on the corner of Bagby St. and Walker St. in downtown Houston.

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The city of Houston is enforcing a permit belonging to the Energy Day festival being held this weekend at Hermann Square Plaza in front of City Hall. At 7:00am on Friday October 14, 2011 representatives from the Houston Police Department will evict those of us still occupying the plaza. We are moving our base camp to protect our supplies including our members’ personal property and all of the goods that have been generously contributed to us. Those of us who wish to stay at Hermann Square Plaza may do so as long as they are aware of the potential legal consequences. We’ll have staff on hand to assist you and more support available for you at our base camp across the street along the southwest corner of Tranquility Park should the need arise.

A reminder for those staying at Tranquility Park: if you’d rather save your energy, we have a silent protest planned for the Energy Day festival this coming Saturday. Be there, and lets show our numbers to Big Oil! The corner of Tranquility Park that we are occupying does not conflict with the clean energy portion of the festival. We believe in safe and responsible energy! Come find us at Tranquility Park and occupy in solidarity with us and the rest of the 99%!