IT’S TIME TO STAND UP. Join @OccupyHouston and the rest of the 99% On October 6, 2011 and make your voice known!

Check out our checklist and protesting do’s and dont’s and head downtown!

  • We meet at Market Square Park at 8:30am on October 6. Pick up a sign if you don’t have one. Meet your fellow protesters, and get ready to march!
  • At 9:00am we march to J.P. Morgan Chase Tower downtown.
  • After an hour of speaking out against corporate corruption, at 10:00am we head to Hermann Square Plaza, right outside City Hall, and begin our occupation.

Check out and share our Facebook event with your friends. If you want to join us in the afternoon then please head directly to Hermann Square Park. Come join us and stand in peaceful solidarity with our brothers and sisters occupying Wall Street and the rest of the nation. Together we can END CORPORATE CORRUPTION OF DEMOCRACY!

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There will be planning meetings at 12:00 noon and General Assembly meetings at 7:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We’ve made our first steps, but there’s still plenty of work to do until the 6th.

Check out our transport guide if you need help getting to Market Square Park. If you need a lift or can spare a passenger or two then please post to our carpooling forum. Bring your friends and family! This is a non-violent occupation and we will be heard!