The Pre-Occupation Checklist

We had an amazing general assembly meeting tonight, and we are primed and ready to march to city hall! Here’s a list of things to know for the occupation:

Important twitter accounts:

  • @OccupyHouston: Our main twitter account, funneling info as fast as we can and retweeting stories from our fellow occupy movements around the world.
  • @OccupyHoustonMD: Our volunteer medical corps, tweet them (or find someone close by who can tweet them) if you or someone you see needs medical attention. A member from this team will swoop down and make sure they’re safely removed from the site and cared for.
  • @ArrestedHouston: If you see someone being arrested get them to shout out their name, and then tweet it to this account. We need to keep track of who, if anybody, gets arrested so they can get help.

Pre-Gathering Events

  • The signs volunteer group is gathering at Market Square Park at 6:00am to make more signs for our march and occupation. Come early if you want to help out! Signs get their photos snapped first and are the easiest way to broadcast our message worldwide.
  • The medical volunteer group is holding first aid training at Market Square Park at 7:30am. This is good stuff, and the things you learn here can make a real positive difference for the people around you.

More Legal Assistance

Our incredible legal team has been working seriously hard to make sure our rights are respected and we stay out of trouble with the law during our peaceful actions downtown. They gave us these guidelines to follow during our protest in addition to our do’s and dont’s.

  • We are going to have legal observers stationed throughout our march and occupation. Their job is to watch the police and make sure they’re behaving themselves and not inciting us to violence. If you see what you feel to be unsafe officer behavior DON’T get involved. Identify the officer and identify what you saw, write it down, and hand your paper to the nearest legal observer. They’re wearing bright green hats. You can’t miss ’em. Any info you pass in written form to our legal observers is confidential information.
  • You do NOT have legal protection from the Occupy Houston legal team if you antagonize the police or violate the law during our protest! Our lawyers are there to safeguard our rights, but only if you follow the rules.
  • The legal team will be handing out booklets to those who arrive at 8:30am. These booklets contain quick legal information and blank pages for you to write down any suspicious actions by the police. Show up early, and make sure you get one of these!
  • Do NOT approach the police, especially with a camera or other recording device. It’s easy for them to grab at it and say that you provoked them. Stay in the crowd. It is an unprovoked assault if an officer has to reach in to grab you or your camera. Report these actions to the legal observers!
  • The legal team is there to protect us from improper police action. It’s our job however to watch the rest of the crowd for agitators and violence. Again, don’t get involved, but report them to your nearest peacekeeper.
  • Houston city ordinance only allows wood sticks to hold signs up. PVC, metal, and other materials are not allowed at any demonstration. Regarding sticks to hold up signs, per city ordinance 28 – 33: 1) Objects rectangular in shape shall not exceed 1/4″ thickness x 2″ in width. 2) Objects not generally rectangular shall not exceed 3/4″ at its thickest dimension. If you bring a sign on a metal pole a police officer may tell you to get rid of the pole. Please co-operate with them on this.
  • The police have stated they’ll protect our assembly from counter protesters. Please let them. Counter protesters may say some terrible things to you to try to antagonize you. Don’t give into them, and don’t respond!

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Glasses, not contacts! Contacts hold in dirt and chemicals that the police have used against protesters in the past.
  • A pen, in case you need to write anything in your legal booklet.
  • A bottle or water or two. Hydrate for health!
  • Your families! We list the scary lawyer and police stuff above because we want you to be prepared. However, our movement is non-violent and encourages families to participate. We are all part of the 99%, and the problems that plague us now will only be worse for our children. Everyone has a voice!
  • Bring signs! Bring American flags! They’re the easiest way to show your stance on the issues!
    • Remember, we meet at 8:30am! Today the 99% stands up against the 1%. We will shine a light on the corruption that plagues democracy today, and we will occupy Houston in solidarity with those occupying Wall Street and those occupying cities abroad, and our voices WILL BE HEARD!