To Energy Day or Not?

Energy Day is coming up next weekend at Hermann Square Plaza. With Houston’s place in the energy industry it makes sense for the city to host such a festival. After all, the city’s got to do its part to keep energy companies happy, doesn’t it?

Maybe we should cheer some of these companies on. The Energy Festival is sponsored by a few environmentally friendly technology companies that provide wind, solar, and other kinds of clean electricity.

On the other hand, companies building and supporting the Keystone XL pipeline are out as well. This pipeline, if built, will carry tar sands crude from Alberta, Canada through the middle of the United States to our fair city Houston, Texas. This is the dirtiest type of oil you can transport, and an environmental disaster waiting to happen right in our backyard. Not to mention that Koch Brothers Industries stands to make a pretty penny from all this.

So, should you come to Energy Day? Sure! Support the good companies and express your thoughts to the big oil representatives present. We only get one planet Earth. Let’s try to keep it clean.