General Assembly Minutes – Nov 16, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – November, 2011 7:00pm
Approximately 60 in attendance.
Facilitators: Ben, Jacob
Stack Coordinator: Mathew
Stackers: Erica, Tea
Timer: Sarah
Scribe: Jeremy
Greeters: Erick, Chris
Moderator: Trey

Workgroup Group Announcements:
Kevin – Occupy Coordination Workgroup: I am bringing a report back from the Occupy Coordination Workgroup. We meet once a week every tuesday night online. IF you are interested in what I say see me after the meeting. We have a communications workgroup will facilitate We also have an IT working group will be providing IT services to emerging occupations including wifi access, website hosting, and other computer related things. We have a campaign reform working group. We are trying to draft legislation to overturn citizens united. Voices of the Occupation group, collecting interviews, archive them, make adds of them to document the 99% we need them from the south especially. You can do this on cells. Issues related to OWS and alternatives. We discuss international issues, the group that planned the oct. 15 day of action is planning another day of action some time in spring. If you want to get in on this get with me. Dec 17 is a planned day of remembrance for Mohammed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire this is part of the Arab Spring.

Tyler – UH Speakout: Today at UH Speakout we had an opportunity to speak to a lot of students and hand out a lot of flyers I think overwhelmingly they saw the reason we are out here. Went to the rally at the Micky Leeland fed building, we had the opportunity to talk to everyone about our name and cause. Also handed out Flyers. I noticed we don’t have any more flyers, and I have print request 2 days ago. Who can help? Info: UH Students get $25 worth of free printing every semester.

Joe – Volunteer Political Action: There are 920,000 registered voters in this city. There was a city council seat shot into a run off with 66 votes. There was free pizza and union leaders at Micky Leeland building. Those are great to have. Meeting Time is on the board. 1800 saturday. Labor Unions should be at the protest tomorrow, if not Joe knows some of the events they will be at.

Erick – Occupy the Infrastructure: Rehabilitating the unsustainable infrastructure, talk to me about it and we can start the group I will be over there. It’s about reevaluating the infrastructure we have using the resources to rehabilitate the infrastructure in place and create a sustainable one for the future. (free stuff at houston free use warehouse) There is a public hearing whether to expand 45 and the hardy toll road. We may want to show up and say do something else with the money. Tomorrow at 6pm at Aldean HS.

Personal Announcements:
Yoshi- This announcement is kind of a report back the Speak UP today went very well, UH is a lot of fun. Furthermore I encourage more people to go. Specifically the UH people, I feel like some students are reciprocal to falling prey to the media.

Jacob- Tomorrow is a national day of action at 4pm. A big march at Market Square Park, Carl asks everyone be here at 3:15pm If you have any questions ask me. Thanks
Jenny- Mainly for media, anyone can help, we need to get our live stream going.

Joe- There is a candidate forum, 11am. Saturday 19th, at a baptist church. 4420 lyons ave. All sorts of candidates there. I cannot stress enough, go, ask the tough questions. They will make laws and ordinances that you and I must abide.

Dr. Che- greetings, this session I would like to remind you there will be work chapter classes, saturday 19th noon here at this park. 1 the art and science of revolution the second how to occupy the air ways.

Alice- Also Sat. 19th at 2pm after the airwaves, at the library 4th floor is a strategy meeting Occupy What Next? Maria Ellena organized it, but we are trying to get us and outside organizers who have just been a little involved here all come together and talk about what’s next. Tell other people!

Capital- Hello OH, today me and sherri went to city hall concerning the public use of bathrooms in city hall, we are now able to use it on the first and second floor, also at 7am in the morning, for those who are sleeping here, we are allowed to put the matts and clothes out here on the grass but must be up at 7am, if you don’t have them up by 7am I will pick it up and put it in storage.

Michael- This weekend in Austin TX is the TX socialist conference at UT there is a group of us going there will be socialists and radicals across the state, and if you want to go, talk to me! There is an informational meeting.. talk to me after GA.

Kevin- I worked on the website, what we are missing is Minutes from previous GA’s please talk to me.

Workgroup Proposals:
Chris – Outreach OH Newspaper: The final copy is done now, we are ready to print. 10,000 copies full color 8 pages, 10×11 standard news paper. We need approval of the GA tonight to give us $800 in funds. For the first issue. Is there a disclaimer? This paper is in connection of the whole Occupy Houston, it’s not one idea or one view or one solution, it’s trying with this paper to outreach to different communities. And ask them to give us their solutions. The paper is for all people it’s the voice of the 99%. How do you plan on distributing it? We will bring this up after we get it printed. How often will this paper be printed? Depends on this. Can we reduce the number printed for the first printing? I want people to approve this because we need a lot to get it to more people out there. We want young people and athletic people going door to door and give them the paper. It’s very important for us to connect to Houston. Formal Proposal: I am asking you GA to authorize the OC Newspaper Workgroup for the use of $800 to print 10,000 copies of the OH newspaper. Block1: I feel it’s a bit unethical maybe immoral to support print media to the tune of $800 when we have had a videographer nearly every day since Oct lugging around in excess of $10,000 to capture this on video as apposed to a smart phone. I respect everyone that created the paper, I cannot wait to see and distribute it. Half to you and half to the videographer. Rebuttal: This paper took time, we approved the paper, a lot of people worked on putting it together, now we are reporting back and asking for money we already raised. People are donating money for this. There really isn’t a money question. Block2: there are environmental friendly ways to produce print. Rolling based inks and other paper materials are hazardous to the environment so unless it is environmentally friendly, it is in contradiction to our movement. New Consensus: PASSED

Personal Proposals:
Erick – 1 That it should be required that every workgroup reports back to the GA 4 times a week, if they don’t GA will discuss the workgroup possibly ending in the disassembling of that workgroup. Who will enforce this proposal. Block1: The workgroups are for the individuals to decide, they have no requirement to do report backs. Some only meet once a week, it’s unnecessary. Some don’t have an official member base. As far as them making decisions that’s what they are supposed to do.

Yoshi – 1 womens only section for sleeping and whatnot. Lately we’ve all heard about problems happening, let’s try to create this section, my suggestion would be this corner over here. To have their privacy. Block: morally apposed to segregation of sexes. 2 people need things, currently it costs a little money, like lost driver’s license essential paperwork for getting a job. People are donating to our cause, people are the cause. I propose creating a restoration comity. Did not pass.

Matthew – I was told to ask if I needed something to ask at the GA I just need $1.25 to get home, I need to ride bus 29, can someone help me out. I have a curfew. Obtained.
Dr. Che – If they are asking us to take the tents or sleeping bags down, we accomidate. Don’t get into physical confrontation with them, we can play cat and mouse with them. If they kick us out from here, we have a Rally Point to gather to afterward. Refrence last night’s GA for plan A B C etc.

Tyler – In light of the fact we are out of flyers, and I have put in the request and still have gotten no flyers. I propose that we take between $200 – $225 out of funds to print more flyers. UH contacts can do this on the sly instead of paying for it. We will print here on site without spending money.

Tera – 1 Trey and I were talking the other day about how we eat here at occupy houston our family, and how a family that doesn’t eat together can get real awkward real quick. 1 we have a community meal at least once a week, I am willing to deal with the logistics, Mondays at 5pm. Passed! 2 I know we’re here and our job is to Occupy Houston, but we have needs that Yoshi kind of addressed, and one thing I have been thinking about is setting up a small skill trade economy so that we can put our carpenters and electricians on a project so we can have more finances come in. Passed!

Wade – I have parked on Walker St. over there a dozen times, and abide by the rules. Today, my car was towed, and when I asked why, I was told a peace officer called in to have it towed, and when I asked why I was told he didn’t leave any details. Personally if I don’t get help getting my car out. I would like to propose that we allow for donations to pay for any citations or car towing that occupiers may have incurred. Tabled by proposer.

Johnathan – I propose that we form an urban exploration working group with the view to freecycling in agreement with one of the proposals brought up today. Passed

Dr. Che – I propose not only have a permanent place for gathering, but also take our cause to the people.

Erick – These are supposedly the Workgroups, media, medical, warehouse are not on here, some of these are online but we should have an analog source. We need to have accountability of the workgroup. If we delegate that to the work groups we get something like congress. Discussing about workgroups. We have workgroups that don’t have a strong member base, we also have workgroups that could be consolidated. I would prefer to see some sort of GA oversight of the workgroups so there is some accountability. Require workgroups to submit a description of said workgroup to the GA.