GA Minutes Nov. 28, 2011

General Assembly Minutes – Nov. 28, 2011
General Assembly Minutes – November 28, 2011 7:30pm
Approximately 31 in attendance.
Facilitators: Vanessa
Stack Coordinator: Taya
Stackers: Amanda
Timer: SWIM
Scribe: Jeremy
Greeters: None
Moderator: Benjamin Franklin

Volunteer Group Announcements:
Ben – First Aid: We are out of gloves again. Please don’t leave food at the table, it’s unsanitary.

Joe –Political Action [during Opinions] a dozen of us went down to the Harris County Democratic Convention. We saw a couple of cool officials, there is free food, come get some and be there! Tomorrow we are meeting at 1:30pm at the announcement table. Email the city secretary to get on stack for City Council. Spaghetti Warehouse, republicans have said we can’t come to their little get together.  Lets tell them they’re wrong.

Workgroup Proposals:

Personal Announcements:
Mouse – Trey has approached me and we have discussed starting an art project. I am willing to spend every sunday teaching art classes. Unfortunately I lack equipment that would allow me to reach lots of people. I need a digital tablet to allow us to draw digitally. JayJay has one for you to use.

Personal Proposal:
George – before I state my proposal, I would like to give a little story on why I am bringing it up. In my trip to Austin I enjoyed what OA did in their GA’s. What they did was, they have their workgroup report backs proposals and announcements and between those and opinions they have a break for clarification of the proposals and announcements before passing a conclusive consensus. Proposal – We should do something similar. “Friendly Amendment.” Moderator: we do this already while taking consensus. Use the peace sign as a friendly amendment sign. Breaks would be for 15 minutes. The breaks are triggered by tension in the group usually a block. Suggested Tabling due to lack of information and bring back with more information. TABLED

Ian – I have noticed something interesting on fb, people have attached OccupyHouston to their names. This allows you to find people easily. I propose we use the nickname area to add this to our names instead, making it easier for us to find each other there. Not Passed.

Trey – I have 2 proposals.
1. During discussions that the time keeper make an announcement of the thirty second marker with a sign that has one minute and thirty seconds on it. – PASSED -
2. Implementing the Friendly Amendment sign as a peace sign for a trial basis to see if people like it. – PASSED -

Jeff – This is a battle that we can only win if we are united. I had to bury a daughter. We have folks in Alabama that are going to start what we are doing right now. We are diverse, and we have to work together and stay united always. What’s going on in California right now, I had the opportunity to check on it while I was burying my daughter. It’s going to get real here like that, and we have to stay united. If you’re not real about it, you should leave. The only way to make a difference is to stay united.

George – There is a book that I found that was donated to OH and that book is called a resource manual for a living revolution. This book contains very aggressive non violent tactics used successfully by the civil rights movements, cncc, core, and movements that were successful during their 15 min of fame. I just this past weekend sat down and studied this book. I would like to invite anyone interested to see me after GA so we can set a time and date for people to have time to study this and use it for ourselves. Remember this book is not a bible, we are here to study it and modify what we must, because times are different and laws have changed. Also I would like to see more people get involved here at Tranquility Park.

Trey – I came back from Austin yesterday. We were there from Friday to Sunday. While I was there we got involved with the occupy the capitol movement. I want to make a point to say we have very different geographical positions, and unique social position. A guy was approached by the UT speech and debate team proposing he mediate between occupiers and anti-occupiers. I like this. I would like to suggest that for all of you guys that attend school, talk to people. Don’t let someone walk in here make a statement because he got a good time slot. That could effect us negatively.

Jeremiah – A few years back citigroup created a toxic mortgage investment a few years back. 700 mil dollar investment convincing people to put it up. They knew it was going to fail so they bet against it (shorting it – sell their shares first then buy them back). SCC sued them, normally they settle out of court and there is no word of it. A judge said they couldn’t settle and they need to be held accountable because of Occupy Movement.

George – There is normally no one from media here, and we need to keep updated with FB and Twitter for those that are interested. Since I am here all the time, if someone could lend me or OH a laptop, I could keep up with that stuff. Mouse has a spare one to use. Try the library.

Jayjay – The past 24 hours I have been doing some research on the Occupy Movement. I learned that the Fed Reserve loaned 7.7 trillion dollars out to 6 different banks. Houston public library research facility will be open very soon. STCL’s law library is open to the public until midnight on weekdays while school is on. I advise you to educate yourselves. DO IT! :)

Trey – I forgot, I have not made a formal advertisement, but this Sunday from noon til whenever we are going to have OCCUPY ART. We should have dancing, poets, visual artists, we should invite more people. I want us to leave for DC with more glamour (idea’s, inspiration, musings, etc.)!! This is not yet on the website or facebook. Ben can put it up on the website. Sunday Dec. 4th from noon to whenever it stops! Invite people!!! INVITE PEOPLE TO PERFORM (or whatever)!!!!

Chris – POI tomorrow’s Tuesday, if you want groceries, you can go to impact with an ID and a letter head with your address on it, from 7:30 to 10 am they will give you a box of groceries and all the bread and pastries you want.

Mouse – I have been trying to collect news from around the global occupation. I have a report from Ireland. Dublin, Ireland – the government is behind the occupation.

Ben – Further details about how terrible & restrictive the 3-hour protest rule newly installed at the State Capital really is; a temperature check on holding a Stephen Colbert-style parody rally for ‘Rick Parry’ where we are over-the-top supporters who also test the 3 hour rule; well-received.

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