Outreach MINUTES Oct. 30th

Subject: OH Outreach MINUTES outreach meeting 10/30/11
Scribe: Barbara

On today’s meeting we discussed more effective outreach communication as well as upcoming projects and projects that are in motion.


OH newspaper
Massoud informed the committee of the status of the OH Newspaper.

we have a team of editors and writers. Submissions are due MONDAY, OCT.. 31 so please be prompt so we can begin the next phase which is editing the pieces that were submitted.  We want a well edited and presented paper so we need enough time to do the editing and production aspect as well.

the production of the paper was discussed.  The layout will be 4-8 pages no more, no less.
The sections are as follows: the economy, social issues, local issues, international issues, national issues, arts and culture.
Printing the paper in color is what is more attractive and attention grabbing so we prefer to print a better quality paper that will grab peoples attention.
The second aspect of production is the printing press.
How will we get this printed? We talked about having sponsors, using printing unions,

If we decide to go with sponsors or unions we will make very clear that we are a grassroots, independent paper, therefore we would publish a disclaimer that expresses independence from sponsors. The sponsors would be thanked in appreciation section of the paper.

How many will we print? So far we thought 10,000 for the initial issue..  We do not forsee spending above 1,000 dollars. Massoud and Selene may have ideas as to how and with who we can get it printed for under 1,000.

The paper will also be translated into spanish (the back section) in order to reach the large latino population  in Houston.

Distribution:  We need to make connections with local stores and businesses, or maybe get permission and begin to distribute it to smaller businesses and in any other way we can.

We would also need a dedicated team of distributors to help.

Occupy the streets
1. Noah expressed the idea that the recorded testimonies could be uploaded to YOUTUBE and the posted on the website.  Outreach will work with media to make it happen.
2. The idea that the videos could be shown at the Nov.2nd, speakers bureau at Cesar Chavez High School was also expressed.

Tuesday, November 2nd. 2011 @ Cesar Chavez High School, from 10:00-2:30 OH has an opportunity to inform high school students about the organization, its inception and why it exists. We need more speakers, for sure, Edwin Munoz, and George Reiteo who is launching this event, will be speaking on behalf of OH.
Im sure there may be others, but the names were not brought up.

This is a wonderful outreach opportunity to get our organization known, and also to educate please attend if you can!!!!!!!!!!

* Effective ways to get people to come to our events has also been discussed by outreach.
The following people made comments: George, Selene, Chris, Massoud, Carlos, Noah, Barbara, Alice, and Clay.
The main idea was really that we need to plan ahead, and coordinate with other comittees so that we have the man power to get people to go to the events. If we have events overlapping each other it will be hard to get people to attend. All the events aer great ideas and they are important, so we as OH should be able to fully represent each and every one of them as much as we can.  If we do not start, with showing our presence in the events we plan, we cannot expect the outside or the rest of the 99% to follow suit.

Those are the projects that were discussed in detail by outreach.
If I forgot anything please add. Im not making announcements, only updates on projects that need to get done.
If you receive this email and you are part of the outreach committee but have not been addressed, please add any information you feel is important to communicate to the outreach team. We can always share ideas and help each other.