Eviction Planning Meeting Minutes – Nov 16, 2011

Ben: GA Decide on our emergency response after we have a mass arrest/eviction. The proposals we are doing are only in the context on this proposal. Make a plan and make other plans

Plan A: Meet at rally point and set-up camp and supplies there. Proceed to Tranquility Park. If closed we meet on the side walk and protest there.

Plan B: Meet at rally point and set-ip cam and supplies there. We then post a demonstration at HPD (1200 Travis) or Sheriffs department, whoever the biggest arresters are. Most likely HPD. Then come back to Tranquility and Occupy as close as we can.

Plan C: Rally at private property (the 2 locations that Jaimen mentioned) and set-up a temporary occupation there.

Rally Point List

  1. Hermann Plaza
  2. Eleanor Tinsley
  3. Public Library
  4. Jones Plaza
  5. GHW Bush
  6. James A Baker
  7. Bute Park