Finance Work Group Meeting 11/13/11

Agenda; 501c3 status, change meeting time, protocol for groups asking for finance help, bookkeeping, multiple sources of funds


Discussion Topics


1.  501c3

A.  Jeff’s number for legal advice on 501c3; 502-774-4499, email

B.  Other occupations are going under someone else’s 501c3 while getting together the paperwork to start their own.

C.  Incorporating would lead to risk of the entire group instead of one individual.

D.  The offer from Houston Peace and Justice still stands. This would mean that we would use their 501c3 status and numbers. They would be taking on the tax liability.

E.  Tabled until Wednesday.

2.  Protocol for working groups asking for access to funds stays the same. Everything must be approved through the GA.

3.  #OH paper has raised their own funding through the WePay account.

4.  Lockbox issues, KEYS MUST STAY ON SITE AT ALL TIMES. Keys were not present during this meeting, so funds could not be counted.

5.  In order to raise funds, more structure needed.

6.  Still checking on phone plans.

7.  Discussion of stopping cash donations. Nothing resolved on this matter.


Proposals Passed


1. Propose to move Wednesday’s meeting to after the GA instead of at 5pm.


Next meeting scheduled for 11/16/2011, after GA.