Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/20/2011

Attended; Jenny, John P, Darin, Mike M, Joe R, Maria Elena, Chris H, Taryn, Jamin


Agenda; lack of responsibility with keyholders, boxes not able to be accessed, new tip jar (again)


Discussion Topics

1. No keys on site, cannot find lock boxes either.

2. It was called to our attention that Artem has taken the box to his house. Could not get ahold of him. Tried several times.

3. John P gave a summary of why several of us had joined the finance group. Mainly because of transparency issues and lack of responsibility.

4.  We need to find another new tip jar.


Proposals Passed


1. Finance is on lockdown. No money to be kept on site. Readily available at GA time.

2.  If you miss 3 or more finance meetings in a row, without prior notice, then your responsibility on the Finance Work Group will be revoked. This includes access to petty cash (unless approved by the GA) and keyholder status.  *This proposal was also taken to the GA on 11/21 and passed.

3.  Artem was removed from the Finance Work Group.


Next meeting scheduled for 11/23/11.