Finance Work Group Meeting Minutes 11/23/2011

Attended By; Darin, John P., Jenny, Jamin, Vanessa C, Artem, Swim


Agenda; 501c3, speaker Dave Atwood, petty cash box, location of keys


Discussion Topics

1. Speaker Dave Atwood; extending help through Houston Peace and Justice, offering for #OH to go under HP&J’s 501c3, checks would be written to HP&J with memo stating #OH, then directly deposited into #OH’s WePay account, HP&J would also handle the tax liability and tax issues, this would be an indefinite partnership, we could still get our own 501c3, or we could stay under theirs, still save receipts and pass them over to HP&J, they do this for other organizations that are representing peace and justice within our community. (Thank you, Dave Atwood) No decision made at this time.

2.  Money does not leave the donation jar at any time other than GA time, while following protocol. If anyone sees money being taken out any other time, please report it and treat it as theft. (This was announced later at the GA.)

3.  Petty cash box was returned.  27 dollars short with an unapproved receipt for fedex.

4.  Petty cash box will go to (intentionally left out for security reasons)’s house but will be present at all GA’s for approved funding.

5.  Keys will stay with (intentionally omitted for security reasons).



Next meeting scheduled for 11/27/11.