Forum update!

Thanks for your patience as we further organize this Houston movement not yet 1 month old!

Originally we wanted to make sure the forums were so easy to log into that no one needed even a Facebook account. Since then we’ve decided to have more restriction over the forums so that we can provide better quality of discussion. I want to thank those of you who have been keeping the forum discussions on topic, and I welcome everyone who has been by to come back! We’re cleaning up the forums and in the process of getting regular moderators to keep an eye on things.

As of 11-1-11 forum access now requires login. You can login with your Facebook, Twitter, Goolge, Open ID,  Yahoo or Paypal account with a few clicks. Sorry but most of you will probably have to create new forum accounts, but the good news is it only takes a few clicks :)

Go to and click the login/key icon on the right. Click Facebook or another service where you have an existing account, follow the few steps and voila you have an account at!