GA Minutes Nov. 7th

GA Minutes Nov. 7th
Intro to GA
Volunteer Group Reports Back
Logistics (Swim) No littering, no smoking in the park. No fires, no restroom activity in the park. Put meetings in the white boards. Return sleeping goods to Warehouse after use.
Legal (Burke): a week ago proposed to apply for permits. Allowed to pursue a permit, or that is how I’m interpreting the status now, though not all agree, so tonight is a new proposal. Proposal to try to attain a permit for OccupyHouston to remain in Tranquility.
Questions regarding types of permits. Response:  no now we are talking about a general permit for OccupyHouston that will enable us to have tents and sound.
Point of Process_ passed a week ago tht no one would be standing during a speaker except for he moderator
Warehouse (Chris): A lot of stuff coming up missing. Come to whoever is working the Warehouse area rather than just digging through stuff. There is a difference between warehouse and storage. Storage is for personal items with names on them, warehouse is for general use goods.
Outreach (Dustin): Gina looked into getting leftover food from Whole Foods.  Created Direct Action list serve… get with Dustin
Research (Scott) -Now research sub-reddit.
Food (Vanessa) –  cleanliness is important. Wash the plates and bowls you use. If you see anything out of place, pick it up!
Leigh: in the process of organizing a video volunteer group, for video production and processing raw videos sent in. Meeting tonight after GA. Find me or
Buddy after GA if you have video to contribute
Tyler: Occupy Supply has already raised $75,000 for supplying occupations (not just Houston). They want to know what we could use the most.
Eric -Point of Info– no propane anything allowed for burn ban right now
Jeff : this Friday is Veteran’s day -I will be out to read the names of fatalities at 6 am. Need volunteers to read shifts. Will have some combat boots, flowers, a tribute to read by. At 500 Jefferson, KBR headquarters.
Jaimyn: 12th of Nov we will be standing in solidarity with Egypt and marching on the Egyptian consulate –times to be announced
Steve: Good Jobs Great Houston – on Dec. 4th will be doing action at super-committee in Washington DC –2 meals a day, heated tent provided.  40 spots. Tonight is the deadline to sign up!
Carl: This Thursday Eric Cantor will be at Rice but you need a reservation to get in, BUT come anyway and we will have about 100 people outside. Some *have* reserved seats already as well. 11am Thurs at Rice -Baker Hall / auditorium
Dustin: as of a few hours ago Dallas called for a general strike. Maybe think about jumping on board for a statewide strike? Nov 30th
Trey: about 3 days ago I and JJ who work peacekeeping were hanging out trying to get some away time at the bayou , noticed a police officer looking through the bushes near the bayou. Informed us someone had been mugged that morning –armed robbery. Not telling you to spook anyone, but emphasize importance of buddy system. Officer said he does not mind people on the bayou at night, UNLESS there is a lone person –which is dangerous.
Speaker:  Theres been a relay going on for 10 years from Mexico City to New York, from city to city carrying a torch to bring attention to the plight of immigrants. It will be here tomorrow at 5 at Guadalupe Plaza.
Delbert: got this proposal from Occupy Boston. Internal solidarity statement: for a proposal for Houston. This is a living document as the Occupy Houston community we have the right and responsibility to edit this document on an ongoing basis. We welcome feedback and new ideas.
“We are the 99% and our task is to unify the 99%. Unfortunately we live in a society that is racist, sexist, classist and homophobic ad ridden with various other forms of oppression. We as the OH community we will consciously encourage work on dismantling these systems of oppression in our movement. We are working on creating a community where everyone’s rights are respected protect and treated equally. We all have different levels of privilege that we strive to act and educate ourselves about in order to assure that these privilege are not used to oppress others. We want to have an inclusive atmosphere of ideas in which we do not police each others thoughts . But we have absolutely no tolerance for oppressive or intimidating words or actions if conflict arises it should if possible be settled trough democratic discussions or debate. Otherwise it shoul be settled ith a conflict resoltoin team or both if necessary.  E do not welcome the following in our community: white supremacy, racism, against people of all colors, patriarchy, sexism, ageieism, discrimination based on ability or disability, homophobia or hetero-normative , Trans phobia, any anti-Arab sentiment, anti-Jewish senitment, religious intolerance or in of non religious people, cultural intolerance, discrimination based in immigration status, ds based on exp with the justice system. Or disregard of indigenous rights or weight-based discrimination.”
Block info: I feel like it’s not true to say we live in a society that is ridden with these issues.  Would be happy if ‘ridden’ changed to ‘present’.
Trey: wants to add we are not ok with  exploitation of anyone
Amy: agrees with substance of document, but would like to have list expunged– it contnues negativity and without this list we ight draw in some people who actually do have some of these prejudices and we might be able to heal those prejudices.
Alice: can we propose to accept it with an editing team or something like that?
Tyler: wants to add substance use that only affects the user
-TABLED –those interested should get together with Delbert
Jaimyn: baed on info received from friends of individuals in the mayor’s office (who are sympathetic to the movement) have suggested we maintain woring in this gray area.. I propose we do not take out any city permits for anything….including sound permits.
–Points of Information … discussion about permits and what has been decided so far.
Re-proposed: retract our decision to take out a permit  –ACCEPTED
Carl: I like the People’s Mike on general principle. Also, we need more police here, I know you think whoa Carl you’re trippin, but after the flash mob lots of police were here– be great if we were seen as such a threat more often. Lets challenge the security of these buildings. Let security escort you out. It’s awesome to occupy space but only half the reason we are here.  The little City Hall building getting overshadowed by the big corporate buildings around it.
Marcus:  2 month anniversary of OWS Nov 17th. We need to rally -it’s got to be a worldwide movement. In every city.
Raffi: election day is tomorrow. A lot of ppl are hesitant to vote because they believe voting is fraudulent or too limited to change things.  Asking you to vote tomorrow.
Carl: vote for Amy Price, she’s awesome
Trey: I will be doing stack rest of the GA. Would like to comment on document… feel like this has been a problem, without it being proofread or presented to other people outside of here.
Artem: want to make an announcement –implementing a 12 noon organizational meeting each day. Now we are going back to this each day as it was pre-
Oct. 6th.. Also talking about the GA process in Facilitation meetings around 5-6pm. What a bout a think tank part of the GA. These are just some ideas, hope you will show up tomorrow.
Lars: from Occupy Baltimore –many people asked me to come here and give solidarity. Comment about permits: in Baltimore we discussed same issue extensively. Ended in consensus to only apply for permits when legal and city made that a political issue. We used that to our advantage as our consensus decision making process, to drag out the ‘gray area’ as long as possible.
Michael: I love strong opinions. If you’re going to Austin this week, take me with you.
Erick: We need all the bodies we can get here. Stay here. The freakin mic chec is very important!
Alice: been thinking about some ideas for how to grow in Houston. This weekend I was at a lot of events. Noticed many organizations support what we support. Lots of event ideas– need to have a council meeting here with people from existing places we know. So I’m just throwing it out there right now.  Tomorrow doing fleering if someone wants to go with or organize fleering. Talk to Alice.
Artem: announcement: a few nights ago someone came from ___. 11am to help train some new GA techniques. Plan to get there around 10:30 and help train students how to do Gas
Israel: Black Power Tuesday would be a good day to do actions too
Trey: let’s break a world record of some kind!
Amy: I have this thought that is kind of crazy but won’t go away so who is interested. Coordinate with other occupations and rewrite the constitution.
Capital: Showing solidarity for the movement. Appreciates the help hes gotten and would like to contribute his skills.