General Assembly Minutes – Nov 10, 2011

General Assembly Minutes Nov 10, 2011 7:00pm
Approximately 40 in attendence

Jacob: Introduction, hand signals, and GA rules

Volunteer Group Report Backs
Alice w/ Outreach: We’d like people to participate in discussions on 11/11/11 from 3:00pm-6:00pm.
Shamus w/ Sustainability: All of the things that the police stole from me were replaced by volunteer donations. Please keep the park clean. There are sustainability meetings at 5pm every night. There are peacekeeping meetings where we learn how to diffuse conflicts. At 10pm we have overcoming addictions meetings.

Vanessa w/ kitchen. Cleanliness is very important. You must wash any plates, cups, and spoons that you use. The kitchen is a group effort. Please ask if you don’t know where something goes. On 11/11/11 at 11:00am there will be a meditation mob at UH library. At 11:00pm there will be a meditation mob in Tranquility Park.
Emily: Wants to donate a phone to the Occupy group, and is checking the temperature of the idea.
Erica: Printed 400 flyers and wants people to use them. They will be at the info desk.
Gene: Wants volunteers for easy work. Wants volunteers to monitor right wing radio, look for lies, and write down their sponsors. He’d like people to listen in short shifts.
Jorge: His cat’s name is peach and is 1 month old. Thank you for help with the cat.
Erick: He must meet with lawyers, so he can’t be at UH on 11/11/11. He wants people to go to University of Houston to organize 11/11/11 activities.
Steven: Wants to confirm the people going to Washington DC. He’s trying to get in touch with him. If you’re going to DC please contact him.
Damien: Marching to the Egyptian consulate at 11:00am. Meeting at Tranquility Park at 12:00pm, march to the Egyptian consulate in support of the Egyptian democracy movement.
Emily: She lives in Freedmanstown (the 4th ward). She is seeking input and volunteers to look into the possibility of purchasing the former Federal Reserve Building on Allen pkwy and/of 10 historic row houses on Victor St. She envisions these buildings and land can be used as a campus for long-term of the 99% movement. Another idea is to use these buildings for veterans housing. See Emily or Shamus in sustainability for more information.
Scott: There are two types of questions. A standard question is represented by a fist. A clarifying question is represented by making a “C” shape with your hand.

Roxanne: Wants Occupy Houston to shop at local businesses on black friday instead of big box department stores. Nov 25 is black friday, the day after Thanksgiving. If you do go to a big box store we will not shame you. – 1 BLOCK, some members do not want to spend anything anywhere on black friday.
Erick: Alter our mission statement to “End the cultural corruption of humanity”. Wanted a temperature check. A vote showed 40% in favor and 60% opposed, not an official poll.

Roxanne: Saturday 11/12/11 is national sleepout day. There may be extra people sleeping in Tranquility Park that night.
Erick: Corporations are corrupt. The environment is in danger. How is culture affecting our lives?
Jeff: Profit does not equal greed. We must get rid of televisions. Capitalism is the best system. On 11/11/11 he will be reading the names of Iraq and Afghanistan war dead in front of the KBR building at 500 Jefferson st, 1/2 mile from Tranquility Park.
Matthew: I have seizures only when I get worked up or if it’s hot outside. Sometimes he washes dishes for several hours because people do not wash their dirty dishes.
Master Jesus: Occupy Houston has no leaders. Let’s be kind to each other if we disagree.
Scott: Dog sh*t is gross. Clean up after your dog. You may get a ticket if your dog is off a leash. We need to ask important questions if occupy is to succeed.
Vanessa: Agrees with Erick’s proposal about the mission statement, but she is afraid that people outside the movement will not understand it. It is too esoteric.
George: 14 winter hats were donated today. The best way to stay warm in the winter is to wear a hat. Ask for one.