General Assembly Minutes – Nov 17, 2011

Moderator – Jenny S
Faciliator – Scott G
Stacker – Fabian V
Scribe – Jeremiah C
Stack Coordinator – Ringo S
Timer – Jonathan S

Workgroup Report Backs

Jonathan S (Urban Exploration) – we have a video about some urban explorers that we can watch after GA

Workgroup Proposals



Dr. Joseph K – proposal to form “Problem Solver” workgroup. Major example is a wagon/jar to be used for
donations and chips & dips. He’d like to put KPFT radio on the wagon so it can broadcast to those of the KPFT listener community. We could take it around Downtown and handout our newspaper on it.

Jeremiah C – News about robo-signing arrests, Brooklyn Bridge arrests, Third Eye Blind OWS anthem

Fabian V – Trying to organize a play and possibly poetry similar to the Corporate House of Horrors

Joe R – There is an election Nov 10. Also, 11AM this Saturday at a church at 4420 Lyons Ave, there is a candidate forum. Free to attend. Ask those City Council candidates important questions. He would appreciate it if you identify as being part of Occupy Houston.

TC – Idea for the full time residents of this camp. Each Occupier represents 5000 people in Harris County who lean Left. She would like to create a program that provides material needs to prolong occupation.

Tom – About a guy who refuses to get down from some high wall as a form of protest.

Don S – Protest in front of 14th Court of Appeals building. Judge Jeff Brown. Department of Public Safety broke the law. Spencer vs. Don McGill Toyota is the case. 1910 building on San Jacinto. The case involved annual safety inspections. A vehicle was submitted to Don McGill Toyota for a safety inspection. Don McGill didn’t do the inspection and charged the customer $800. Trial judge took the word of DPS spokesperson who potentially perjured.

Joe R – It’s important that we get involved in electoral politics. Register to vote. Tomorrow, 9:30AM at Café Express there is a meeting that Joe will attend. Jolanda Jones would appreciate your vote.

Jenny S – We are awesome. The tipping point is close. Not there yet. But, we’re close. We’re winning. Millions of people were marching today around the entire world in solidarity with the Occupy movement. We are making headway. This has been exhausting. This is a fight, but we are winning. We have no other choice. We have to. So, keep up the good work. [I] love you all.