LiveStream Operators and/or Laptops Needed

Occupy Houston needs Livestream operators. Please if you can come out and do Livestream at OccupyHouston!

Another request is for laptops capable of running Livestream so that the occupiers there can handle this function.

btw, Thanks to all occupiers who have served as this important role so far!

This has been an ongoing need for some time and recently was intensified by some questionable people acting authoritatively as though they are security for the park, telling occupiers they cannot occupy some portions of Tranquility Park (when we have equal right to occupy any/all of Tranquility Park). In this case it could have been very helpful to have Livestream documentation (or video in general), but clearly there are many many cases where Livestream or other video documentation is optimal.

Please do what you can or spread the word to someone who may be able to help. Thanks!