Nov. 4th GA Minutes

Intro to GA

Volunteer Group Reports Back

Web (Kevin) :

  • Website was down for a couple of hours after being moved to the new server. Problem won’t happen again.
  • Media area is not an internet cafe. If you want to use space please sign up because there are expensive electronics, etc.
Radical Studies Group:
  • 11-11-11 is coming up. Great ideas in the air, but we need a plan:
    • 11:30 am Walk-Out at University of Houston
    • around 2-3 pm meet back at Occupy Houston
    • Discussion circle from 2-5 pm
      • Topics like taking care of vets
      • open mic like before: sing, vent, performances
      • Tell everyone about it
Finance Group (Jaimyn):
  • anyone by finance group sign the list yet to be designated of a lock and key -pass key onto someone else in finance team?
  • Overnight watch needs volunteers
  • 11-1 needs to be published online
Outreach (Massoud):
  • Next week have first issue of OccupyHouston newspaper – printing 10,000 issues, each costs 8cents so we need to raise $800. 8 pages in color
  • Need reporters, researchers, interviewers, distributors
  • Need food donations and volunteers
  • OccupyAmerica greetings from New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis and Washington DC
  • Housekeeping – cleanliness is a must
  • Story time – 30 minutes after GA
  • New volunteer group Strategy and Game Plan by the bridge 7pm
  • in 2 days celebrating our first month.
    • want to make a video montage would like help from MEDIA (but did not offer to volunteer)
  • Finance volunteers discuss agenda for Sunday
  • Collecting info about mothers who are part of Occupy Houston Sunday for play day
  • Honorable Eric Cantor having event at Rice 11-10 at 11am – open to public but must reserve seats. We should reserve seats but ten walk out.
  • Allow Burk to file permits for tents ,¬†structures,¬†electricity, etc. -ACCEPTED
  • Pipeline — an oil company front group Called ‘Jobs for the 99%’ is a scam that has been trying to co-opt the Occupy movement. “We stand in solidarity against Keystone XL Pipeline” –ACCEPTED
  • GA 4 times a week instead of every day (dedicate M W F for work group discussion) -BLOCKED
  • OccupyHouston accepts declaration of occupation (?? not sure what declaration was –needs clarification)
  • Action to block a bridge on 17th of Nov. in solidarity and response from OWS call for solidarity – BLOCKED
  • Organize sharing ideas
  • Sharing space for World AIDS day December 1st
  • Sign up for lectures on 11-11
  • Feel free to talk on GA, express opinions
  • Everybody get involved more
  • Communication is the basis of all relationship
  • Veterans for peace are rallying on 11-11-11 join them at 11am Memorial Day parade.
  • Gathering a list of cities affected by pipeline