Peace Keeping Report from Meeting on 11/14/11

  • Next meeting is FRIDAY @ 10 PM
  • Peacekeeping Duties
  1. Security- keeping an eye on the site (people and things). Things to look for in order of importance:   1) Sexual harassment/assault   2) Violence   3) Theft
  2. Greeting/interfacing with people who come on site
  3. Conflict resolution/diffusion
  • Peaceful Conflict Resolution Process for OccHou
  1. Diffuse the situation
  2. Keep the parties separate
  3. Try to schedule dialog, separate and/or group

All of these steps are not necessary in every situation.

  • We reiterated that if you are under the influence you are not supposed to take a peacekeeping shift. If this happens, find another peace keeper and wake them up to take over the shift. Report them at the peace keeping meeting if you feel comfortable.
  • If a peacekeeper directly witnesses a sexual assault, they will report it to the police because of group safety. If a victim comes to a peacekeeper about harassment, theft, or violence, the peacekeeper will offer to report it to the police for them.
  • We need more peacekeeping volunteers!!