Houston, TX, November 21, 2011 – At approximately 5:15 PM, a man wearing
business attire and carrying a rifle entered Tranquility Park from the
parking garage stairwell at the corner of Bagby and Rusk. He fired several
shots into the air and into the fountain while approaching the steel
bridge which crosses the fountain’s pool. According to Occupy Houston
participants, once on the bridge, the man indicated his intent to take his
own life with the weapon. HPD responded quickly and effectively,
incapacitating the gunman by wounding him in the leg with their sidearms.
The gunman was then taken into custody and immediately rushed to Ben Thaub
Hospital for treatment.

The as of yet unidentified gunman is not a recognized participant in
Occupy Houston, nor has he been determined to have any affiliation with
any of its members. At this time, Occupy Houston is not speculating on the
motives of the gunman, but we extend our sympathies to the seemingly
troubled young man who perpetrated tonight’s act of violence. We are
thankful that no one other than the assailant was injured, and we extend
our gratitude to the officers on scene who reacted quickly and with the
appropriate amount of force as dictated by the situation. Currently,
Occupy Houston has no plans to abandon Tranquility Park. We will continue
to conduct ourselves in the same peaceable manner that we have been for
nearly seven weeks while occupying the downtown area.

Occupy Houston participants will be available at 11:00 AM on Tuesday,
November 22 to answer any further questions regarding the incident and its
impact on the future of the movement.