Women’s Group Meeting

Tuesday, November 8th, 5pm

I would like to call a meeting of the women’s group for 2 primary reasons.

1) to take an informal survey on each person’s PoV regarding gender balance/imbalance (great time to hear about any gender/sexual-identity issues as well) within activities, personal experience or larger decision making process of OccHou. (survey meaning I will take notes, but in an informal discussion format if possible)

2) talk specifically about the homeless population issues. I know this might not seem like a women’s issue, but traditionally women tend to take on related caretaking roles like social workers, etc, and my attention has been drawn to the demographics at the occupation (men to women ratio) and how this is likely to be slowing down the solution finding process when it comes to the homeless population issues. There are other ties to women’s issues, but we can talk about more of the details then. Essentially I want to take action on some of these issues, and would like to utilize this women’s group meeting to get the ball rolling.

///hope to see you there///

If you can’t attend, please see me (Cassie) at some point to share our thoughts on #1 (or send it to me via email or facebook).