12/20/11 Morning General Assembly Minutes

Official count: 13 @ 11:02am 12/20/11

Moderator: Mary Wior
Scribe: Dan

Report backs:
edward: reconstruction of the freedmen town project leaving at 2:30pm and has a car that he can help people to get there
eric: ask that we reach out to the military & veterans
Ben: ongoing protest at the russian consulate for the civil right of the gay lesbian transgender
on Wednesday 4 – 6pm Ben will be by at 3:30pm to pick up anyone who wishes to attend

workgroup Reportbacks:
Ben: Tranquility park workgroup want to have volunteers to come and pick up to-be-sanitized dishes, so have all dirty dishes put in totes and prepped for them when or if they can pick them up
Those who were originally charged with felonies, that charge has been reinstated; any of those 7 who got out on bail need to get ready for their indictment and switch their bail over as such, please contact your bail-bondsman or lawyer
Edward: what are we to do with the large piles of trash – move to wall in trash bags and parks and rec will pick up on their regular routine; compost needs to be over turned and covered to keep the flies down and over turn the compost; recycling is done by mike’s green recycling write recycle guy number on the bins; request more containers for compost, remind people we have compost to give/takeaway
eric: veteran/military outreach workgroup newly formed, needs volunteers & logistical help to reach the VA, other veteran areas

rukmini-devi: is pregnant
trey: working on document that is a list park necessities and focuses invited to farm at the fifthward last organic outpost 7 days a week
Ben: city council meeting is at 2:00pm

Ben: Official occu-bbq cook-off & potluck for all day sunday
passed; needs vote from tonight’s GA
Jay: wishes to have more art supplies proposal (poster board, colors, paints, tape, drawing pads, thrift store canvas, tarp/box to keep supplies dry) $100, costs as low as possible & solicit donations
passed waiting for vote from tonight’s GA

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