GA Minutes 12/7/2011

General Assembly Minutes 12/7/2011

Moderator- Jeremiah

Facilitation- Dustin and Jenny

Stack- Darin

Timer- Jonathan

Scribe – Tea (?/kr)

Work Group Report Back

Outreach- Dustin- Dec 12, lots of people coming down from all over Texas to support the West Coast Port Shutdown; InterOccupy conference calls going well; Occupy Texas is working on getting weekly conference calls

Freedmens Town House Project- Shamus- basic run down of what projects are going on at the house, tomorrow we are painting the kitchen, If anyone wants to help contact Shamus, hours from 9-6, great outreach project for those coming in town this weekend.


Alice- Wants to update the community calendar on the web page

Alice- Running for Congress under the Green Party

Alice- Fri 6-9, Protect Action @ Westheimer and Kirby, Greg Palast, she has an extra ticket if anyone wants to go

Zo- Things have been coming up missing, what actions can we take, why are things being deleted off the fb page, offer to help with peace-keeping.

Joe R- We need to do a grocery store run, CD 29 (Congressional District 29) has the highest rate of uninsured people.

Chris- @occupy site there are a bunch of women coming down for 2012 run for Justice of the Peace. (?)

Work Group Proposal

Outreach- Dustin- Move our action against the S. 1867 (National Defense Authorization Act) from Dec 10 to Dec 14. -passed-

Finance- Darin-  Requests for finance need to be brought up through a work group with a budget at the GA, with the exclusion of petty cash (under $100) -did not pass-

Individual Proposal

Jenny- wants to be added to facebook as an administrator. -Passed-

Jenny- No more deleting comments off of the #OH facebook page, the exception being to edit the comments that might be deemed illegal by fb and hold liability for #OH. -Passed-

Jenny- No more stuff leaves the occupation site to go to storage before it is approved through the GA, with consensus. -Passed-

Jonathan- #OH needs to spend $50 on cold weather items, the excess items to be put in storage to be kept dry until needed. -Passed-

Joe R- If a person exhibits behavior that prohibits or detracts from a working group then that working group has the right to remove said person by consensus in same working group. -Passed-

Opinions- (notes not taken)