Assistance Needed in Providing Bail Payment

Thanks to the generosity of 3 Houston Occupiers (whom I neglected to ask if they wanted their names published), and Laura Elizabeth Moonchilde Stewart (San Francisco), we have solved our cashflow issue. Now we need people to volunteer to actually stand as the Guarantor of the bond for our Arrestees.

You are placing yourself in some financial risk, but these are dedicated Occupiers, and so I’d say you have at least a 99% chance of them making their court dates. You need to have no outstanding warrants yourself (or the cops will just arrest you), & the Bondsman will demand someone with a stable, pay-stub-producing employment or government benefit.

Again, please contact Benjamin Franklin @ 412)223-7279 or

While using funds from the Wepay account to pay the bonds of those arrested during the Dec 12th Port Action was approved at Tuesday’s emergency GA, due to Wepay’s procedures, there is a delay of at least one business day before these funds will be accessible. Thus, we need individuals with cash on hand who are able to float the bond payment on a short-term basis so that we may quickly free our imprisoned Occupiers who are awaiting bond.

This can be a collective effort, but it needs to take place as quickly as possible to be of maximum benefit. Anyone interested in contributing towards helping with this cashflow dilemma should contact Benjamin Franklin 412)223-7279 or (less usefully)