December 22, 2011 General Assembly PM

Jonathan- moderator

Mike- Facilitator

Jenny- Scribe/Stacker

Rico- Timer

Work Group Report Back

Capital- Project Houses- Trying to get in contact with Austin and also trying to secure a location on Andrews.  Rockupy Music and Art Fest to be held tomorrow at noon.

Jacob- Occupy the Airwaves- Call KPFT (713-526-4000) and let them know we want to keep Occupy the Airwaves going. There is only one more show scheduled. Thursday @ 6 pm. Tonight’s show was about the NDAA. It’s been going great and we’d like to continue.

Ben- Bonding Work Group- Matt should be being bonded out right now. He’s still in Harris County from the D12 action. Trying to get a schedule with Remi so that someone is always available should the need for bonds arise.

Covert Ops- street art

Ben- Diversity- Trying to gather for a Diversity Meeting. Contact him on fb for more details.

Jenny- Work Groups- Hoping to have a huge work group meeting the first week of the new year to regroup and reorganize the work groups.


Vas- Start a collective work group to make money for #OH by installing solar panels. #OH would not be purchasing the solar panels, only installing them.

Trae- resource request list

Remington- Check out Occupy the Airwaves on KPFT, Thursdays at 6pm. Remington is also accepting collect calls to help update people in jail on how their cases are going. His number; 281-323-0535.

Delbert- Kwanzaa celebrations are beginning. Delbert would like us to have an Occupy presence at the different locations around town. Ex. Shape Community Centers on Almeda and on Live Oak, 5th and 3rd Ward Multipurpose Complex.

Delbert- January 16 (MLK Day) begins the Occupy the Dream campaign. There is a coalition of African American leaders working together with #OWS. This event will lead us into April 4th where we will congregate in D.C. for a huge march.

Remington- involvement with partisan politics such as the Green Party, would like to set up a debate with them to find pros and cons of getting involved.


Ben-  If you are arrested committing non-violent civil-disobedience during an Occupy Houston action or otherwise arrested as part of your being there during that action, Occupy Houston expresses our support for you and we will attempt to bail you out and otherwise get you free to the best of our ability.

Jonathan- With the understanding that democracy is simply–though a contradiction in terms–controlled anarchy, limited only by rules agreed upon by the group as a whole, and that these constraints to freedom are always subject to any group that adopts any form of democratic process, not the reverse, we, by will alone, adopt rules and guides to help foster a consensus process. Furthermore, that, in a true democracy, within said forum, any rule, constraint, or guideline, can be lifted or removed entirely– to the extent of all procedural guidelines– at any time, through whatever method that group so chooses. This can be done temporarily, that is within a single assembly, or permanently, with or without redressing them.

With that said, I propose that we adopt, by consensus–there will be no vote–these guidelines for the general assembly. I am not attempting to impose these upon you, simply asking you to agree with me.

First and foremost, that we abolish all previous alterations to the very simple understanding of the hand signals and the stack, to be identified now;

The stack; a simple list of people to be heard in the current general assembly–first come, first served basis. Stacking begins thirty minutes prior to the GA. The only informationna stacker should recieve is a person’s first name (or chosen identifier). Obviously those working groups who have a large nymber of members will have a louder voice in that they will be able to field more speakers; however, reitterating the same information over and over should be discouraged by the GA. When it is the speakers turn on stack, it is up to the speaker to identify his or her speech as a proposal, before giving the speech. All speeches in which the speaker fails to begin it as a proposal will be considered informational, and the speaker will have to reiterate it in the form of a proposal at teh next general assembly If someone wants to gauge their response in determining whether to propose or not, a short introduction is permissible. If over one third of the active participating GA has left or gone to working groups etc. then the stack should be closed to any more proposals at that GA.

Hand signals as follows;

I want to be stacked, hand raised, open palm forward, straight up, not slanted

I have a question(about what you are talking about); closed fist raised

I have a point of information(pursuant to what you are talking about); index finger raised. points of information should be authoritative in nature, not opinion

Move along; roll arms, fists closed

Guaging Consenus;

Spirit/jazz fingers;  raised, I am in favor   horizontal, I am nuetral,   lowered, I am not in favor

Block (arms crossed fists closed)- I am not in favor and if this discussion continues, I will leave or seriously consider leaving, either this GA, this group, or this movement entirely

Time Limits as Follows; every single speaker is limited to five minutes–no exceptions. All points of information and/or questions recognized do not add to, but detract from the speakers time–it is up to the speaker to hear them or not. Points of information are limited to thirty seconds. Questions are only limited by the speakers time, though a moderator and/or timekeeper may choose to make them aware of the time they have taken as well as the total time left Wuestions should be less debate oriented(if you want to speak in direct opposition to what any given speaker has said, simply get stacked) Extensions to a person’s time will be three minutes–there are no limits on the amount of time the GA is willing to hear any given speaker, nor are there any limits on how long any given GA might last.

While it is the job of those facilitating and moderating, to enforce these rules, that does not meant that they ever operate as an “enforcement” group The GA polices itself. The facilitation team are just as confined by the procedural guidelines as anyone else–perhaps moreso. At no time should a facilitatot and or moderator express a personal opinion on any given topic through hand signals or verbal communication. This does not bar them from being stacked in a ga in which they are moderating or facilitating– one would hope they would have a backup to fill their role while they are speaking

In all matters of group attention, the speaker holds the floor, and it is up to them to recongnize any given point of information or question; any given facilitator and/or moderator can only make the speaker aware of them, preferably in a non-disruptive manner. (I like this personally)

As far as I know, the consensus process is not a debate, and too much back and forth between any given question, etc. can easily degrade it.

Lively debates should occur, and in my opinion are necessary, but they belong in working groupd meetings, or perhaps in an open, and ongoing, punlic forum, to be created.

Furthermore, that, effective immediatly, all proposals take effect at the end of the GA in which they were proposed. Also, that we have GA’s every day, contingent on the presence of a willing quorum of at least 13 people at Tranquility Park. –tabled–

Jenny- Update the #OH website needed items list to Trae’s list. -passed-

Vas- Looking to practice civil disobedience and get volunteers regarding the nativity scene. -passed-

Mike- Asking OH to stand in solidarity with a family in Pasadena whose son was murdered. They are having a hard time with legal recourse due to DA’s family connection to murder suspect. Also wanting to post the petition on website and fb page. -passed-


Remington- start a dialogue with conservative parties, we have a lot more in common than we have in differences

Trae-Thank you Remington, reiterate list of items

Jenny- sensitivity to labels

Jason- concept of the 99%