Freedmens Town Project House

The Freedman’s Town Project House is a workgroup of Occupy Houston. In affiliation with Lynwood Johnson and Emily Nghiem of the Freedman’s Town Civil Rights Center, we are participating in various efforts to advocate for the preservation of the Fourth Ward, a neighborhood that has been ravaged by private contractors with little regard to the wishes of residents. This area is a clear and pressing example of corporate corruption of democracy on a local level, provides an excellent opportunity for outreach to previously unreached members of the 99%, and is very deserving of our attention.


The duplex at 1109 Genesee has been adopted as a model project for our renovation and sustainability efforts. We plan to demonstrate our abilities as a team to mobilize and utilize community resources and skills towards restoration efforts in this neighborhood. In addition, the 1109 space is available to Occupy Houston group to be used as office space, as a location for meetings, and to store workgroup and participant supplies as necessary.


The following rules have been established to ensure proper use of the building:

  1. Clean up after yourself.
  2. Conserve resources.
  3. Smoke outside.
  4. Sign In/Out.
  5. IF staying for any amount of time, you must be working on something productive.
  6. Respect Shaun and Amanda’s wishes, they are responsible for the house and what happens within it.


To address concerns about access to the space, we have established that the house will be open daily from 9a-6p. We close for GA, and can reopen afterwards if a workgroup or occupier requests it. During office hours, occupiers are welcome to come over and do work, read, or help with renovation efforts. Sundays are our day of rest from manual labor, but meetings and other work will continue.


FTPH Workgroup meetings are on Wednesdays at 9am, and Sundays at 1pm. There will be a weekly brunch at the Sunday meetings.

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