GA Minutes 12-11

Moderator- Jenny
Facilitation- Ben, JJ
Timer- Tyler
Scribe- Alice
Seamus—Freedman’sHouse POC. Mtgs at 1 on Sunday. Lookingfor ideas re: sustainability and usefulness of the house for Occupy. Workgroups please take advantage of soon-to-be internet and power to do your work from the house-base
BenFirst aid– Keep med supplies here.  Was some confusion on this point, but it was addressed
Joe- Political Action POC- Jolanda lost her seat. We got agenda for West University council meeting and plan to attend Tuesday 4pm. Friend Jesica Farrar on facebook.
Scott- facilitation-POC –  email if you have comments on facilitation and the changes it is facing, all the time.  Trying to settle into a steady process.

Kit OAustin-Coordinating livestream and twitter, citizen media for the action tomorrow.  National tag is #D12.  Also using #Gulfportaction.  Learn how to use unlimited txt msg for twitter, talk to him.
Blas- Dec 30-31 OH hosting direct action, teach-ins, education, to expse big oil re: poisoning of air land water war corruption of our democracy and so on. Conglomerates which we will be confronting include JP Morgan int’l, goldman sachs, big fraudulent health ins, defense dept, pres intelligence advisory board, just to name a few. Sunday, the whole day will be dedicated to demonstrating wholistic solutions which will liberate us from this tyranny.  If you’re visiting from other cities, come down for that weekend.
Sandy- Presenting BAsics project BA everywhere, getting the voice chairman of the revolutionary communist party Bob Avakian, out into society. April 11 2011, amazing event in Harlem NY, occaisioned by Basics.  Basics is from the talks and writings of B.A.  Jazz musicians, cornel west, culture secretary of Black Panthers.  Culture of the mainstream is disgusting, depressing.  This is about a culture that is uplifting.  Let’s imagine if we had a whole different culture, end of bitches and hoes, imagine if we had a society full of lively creative culture, lifting us up, giving us a vision, challenged us to think critically. Imagine.  Imagine if all the masses of people made the culture and art from time to time, together with those who are more full time in that realm. This inspired event, trying to raise $23,000  by midnight tomorrow
Jim- Houston sierra club- wants to express solidarity with Occupy, would like to thank Occupy for helping us to encircle the white house about the XL pipeline.  Maybe someone could come to our meeting and say what the occupy movement is about.  Looking for a rep.  Jim Williams,  contact info on the Sierra Club website.  Mtgs is 2nd Thursday of the month.
Art- GreenWatch public access tv show.  Every other Monday, including tomorrow, looking for reps from occupy to be on the show, justin is the point person to be on the show. Can watch live online 8-9pm also shows are archived on ; show sponsored by green party
Mike- someone has an 8×4 political sign that she wants to donate, she is lookingfor a truck to haul the sign down here so we can use it.  Mike has her phone number.
Remmington- helping coordinate civil disobedience for tomorrow. Wants to get information out by tomorrow am at the latest. Probably blocking traffic which is class c misdemeanor, municipal, going to be dealing with Homeland Security if you trespass, not recommended. But lawyers lining up to defend those with the civil disobedience
Jamin- constructing letter to address armed forces around the world. Has rough draft, want to help edit, see him after GA.
Jenny- Open forum after GA focused on D12 action
Eric R- Occupied Wall Street Journal; printed 50,000 here in Houston. People in other cities take large amount, meet after GA with Eric to get 5-10,000.  Need distributors to stock stores, meeting with orgs, to get the word out.  Part of building sustained movement.  Also, talk to jim about distribution plan.  Also 25,000 copies in Spanish. Coming next wek.
Scott- Went to Last Organic Outpost, urban farm. Lots of food, growing right in dirt on top of asphalt.  If you come help, you can pick what you want and take it with you. On the east side. Matt Trimble announcement—really really free market, at Tranquility Park Dec. 29th 1-5 pm gently used free things, food, skills. Market depends on your participation.  Also looking for musicians
Jacob- Host of OH radio show Thurs 6pm. Issues about women in the occupation. Amy and another unknown going to be on the air this upcoming show. Another show coming up reaching out to other occupations, communicating with groups around the nation and world. 90.1 KPFT .  3 episodes more at minimum. Let station know you like us. Like us on Facebook.
George- I want to acknowledge all that are here from out of town. I want to acknowledge Deb, and Dee, Art and Madeline and three other people who’s names I don’t know who provided food. If you have any utensils that you used, please put it back
John- Tomorrow night at the West Gray Café, there will be a meeting of the Harris County Green Party Discussion Group at 7pm at near Taft and West Gray. Please come and join us. I know many are not down with electoral politics, so please come and tell.. please come and
Joe Roche – Please if you don’t have anything to do tomorrow night, meet here at 4:30pm we are going to go occupy the West University City Council. West University Place is home to many of the 1%. There will be a free ride from here and food provided. This Tuesday, 2pm, public comment right across the street. Occupy it, public  comment Also, Tuesday morning, early morning, public comment with the Port Authority of Houston at 8am.  Point of Information, Tuesday city council meeting will talk about giving an SSA Marines license to .. owned by  Goldman Sachs

Delbert – with People of Color Work Group. During Halloween, we had a display corporate house of horrors.. Would like to submit a proposal to do a nativity scene to visualize the issue of home foreclosure and it would also be a shelter in contravention of city rules. r proposals. Starting on.. and have it done by the week  before christmas;
Alice – I joined up with Houston Unido this past week that’s doing a project called Tell Your Story Houston. The idea is to get people to take the survey and questionnaire about attitudes about police and undocumented people. They are doing trainings for people who are willing to give the survey about police and immigration. My proposal is about doing a training here at the park at Occupy Houston to be done in December.  Hope and Jim will be the contacts to organize a training session at the park for interested people. and . passed
JJ – It’s been known, hat I intend ot run for constable. My opponent is my own flesh and blood, my uncle. He is a constable, but as a constable on duty he shut and killed a nine year old child with a toy gun on their hand. Therefore, I call in unity and solidarity to protest his office and running in his campaign. For any man who shoots a child should not run for constable. A republican candidate with a record like that does not deserve to be a constable. Precinct 4. Proposal to start a work group on it. I’m proposing that we protest constable Chris Jack, for as constable he shot and killed a nine year old child in his own front yard and that we protest his campaign office. This has nothing to do with my campaign. The election is March 6th.  Date of protest will be announced later. Passed
Ryan- Working with engineers from Nasa and other firms with magnets for a perpetual motion machine.  I bought the magnets myself for $166, and spent many hours.  looking to OH to support me with the building materials; around $50, like to have from GA treasury. Disagreement about whether there is basis in terms of physics.  ga participant suggested Bike generator based on “actual physics”.  Similar machines have been built and shown to work but have been bought off by large corporations to suppress this technology. I have a small scale one working. I have been working on this for a while, I believe I can get a working larger scale model going within a week.  Blocked by multiple  people.
Tyler- The proposal is to take a fifteen minute break after the GA and have a discussion for the work group on the D12. Already done by Jenny.

Jacob – – Occupy the airwaves email – twitter @OHAirwaves
Thursdays – Jacob and Remington coming to the park – listen to the archives
To call in 713-526-5738
Indigo – Sustainable living organizations – compost, recycling
Noe from Dallas – Feels welcome, thanks HTX for being hospitable; don’t be afraid to be at the port action – we’re with you
Ariana – Art is a powerful medium – more art!
Jamin – Doubletree Hotel is a place for people to use the restroom – don’t write on the walls
We are working to create a better society – no horseplay; cigarette smoke is responsible for 600,000 deaths due to 2nd hand smoke every year – supports large corporations
Steven from Dallas – communities organizing against police terrorism – organized after an act of police violence – created a citizen-run investigative board