GA Minutes 12/4/11

GA minutes for 12-4-2011

Moderator – Remington

Facilitator – Scott G

Timer – Ben F

Scribe  - ?? (The minutes were incomplete. I, Scott G. filled in
whatever I could from memory. That’s why my opinion piece is so
awesome here.)

Stack Coordinator – Mary

Stacker – ??


Ian – Linux OS is not defined.
Delbert received openly with the church.

Joe – (POLITICAL ACTION) Two big unions come together to fund camping
equipment . Currently drawing up a list. More pronounced work in
several departments. Protest today of Louda (?) commercial, great
support from passers-by. DC invite to congressional office and unions
are picking up the food tab.

Amanda – (SUSTAINABILITY) Moving forward with sustainability efforts.
House open for storage for DC occupiers. 9 am Wednesday, 1 pm Sunday,
meetings. House is open on Monday-Friday from 9 – 6. Sunday is a day
of no physical labor. 1109 Genesee.

Burke – (LEGAL) To the problem of non-participants: Get a personal
TRO? ? SEIU look for while participating in civil disobedience ? Name
and DOB is important info when getting arrested. Make sure people know
your name and DOB.

Ben – (MEDICAL) No storage of personal items in medical totes. Gloves
are being used, which is good, and being used sparingly, which is also
good. Peacekeeping meeting under the big umbrella immediately after


Burke – 5 pm next Sunday mock GA new process being tested. Creation of
3 person panel to determine if a block is valid.

Joe – 3 things. SOUS (?) in town. Protest at the Marriot, parking is free.
Protest at 1pm. 4 pm to 7 pm meeting. Morgan Stanley stole $1M,
comment on this situation. [I think this is about the Secretary of the
Interior -ed.]

Ryan – The flyer is ready for DEC 12 action with Whitney Blithe.
Mobile Occupy from North Texas wish to come occupy the port and march
from San Jacinto Park December 12.

Jamin – December 6 solidarity march and sit in with OWS for people
being forced out of their homes.

Mike S – Help me get clothes for DC by 3 am.

Remington – Upcoming OCCUPY THE AIRWAVES show on white collar crime.

Cedrick – a formal apology to anyone he may have offended earlier in
the evening.

JJ – Those going to DC can put their belongings in JJ’s tote to store


Amy P – Put resources toward JANUARY 20th occupy the court 8am to 5pm.
Move to amend has written a letter of solidarity with occupy
movements. ACCEPTED

Ryan – Participate in the DEC 12 action with OCCUPY NOW on the ports.
Post info on the website. ACCEPTED

Chris – Change  chants from “What’s the solution? Occupy Houston!” to
“What’s the solution? Occupy Movement!” REJECTED

Ian – Distribute clear tents to occupiers. REJECTED

Joe – $10 reimbursement for people who made dinner happen tonight by
bringing utensils and supplies. ACCEPTED

Ben – A direct action, perhaps a MIC CHECK at the meeting of the
Secretary of the Interior. ACCEPTED


Dustin P – Proper notice is needed for activities so Outreach can work
on it. EMAIL

Ian – Is sex against the law in the park, or is it just nudity?

Ben F – Congratulations to those going to DC, and please step up while
they are gone to those who remain.

Scott G – 1. We had a solidarity statement with the right of OCCUPY
THE FED to assemble in the same manner that we do. Since they’ve been
evicted, we should show solidarity by marching on the location on a
regular basis. 2. Working on a volunteer group with my friend jessica
called “circle.” It is designed to take the emotional load off of GA
and provide another public venue for personal disputes. 3. There are
three arenas of effort for OCCUPY movements. Personal, Scientific, and
Civic. Each arena has an internal aspect as well as an external. If
any of these is neglected, our success will be limited.

George – Educating about solar energy. Global warming is real. (??)

Remington – Financial fraud with Daphne Silverman from UHD engaging
those for (???)

Mary – I want to start a workgroup for those who aren’t here all the
time to make life easier for the full-time occupiers.

Joe – State of nation is broken. Severe fever (??) Spoke on directing
notes in a focused direction (?)

Mouse – I watched the rally in DC for 3 hours. 20 arrested for
building a barn and not bringing it down.

Jamin – 3:30 am pickup for airport, 4:00 am pickup for airport. (?)