GA Minutes 12/5/11

GA Minutes
Attendance: 17
Moderating: Jonathon
Scribe: Ben Franklin
Timekeeper: Mouse
Stacker: Amanda

Jonathon starts explains hand-signs with ‘A Game of Simon Says’

Joe R- Political Workgroup Don Cook & Green Party are attempting to find candidates; 9:15am tomorrow going to County Commissioner Court, meet at Info Table; 40 people will be coming from Dallas-area Dec 10th, staying till at least 13th. Next Tuesday-a-week Port Commission public comment, city hall public comment @2pm

Amanda- Freedman’s Town Project House 1109 Ginese 9am-6pm, talk to them for meeting times after GA. Have separate webpage now thanks to Jeremiah. Storing stuff for people in DC, willing to store more stuff from Tranquility. Jenni asks about internet router, Leaf as Media moved to protect from rain, will return with to park

Covert Ops– has acquired 6 CRT monitors, will be getting 5 more tomorrow; anyone needs monitor for Computer ask

Benjamin F- Occupiers Workgroup: Assembled union donation & volunteer request list, including 24/7 protesters, 24/7 “Roamers” to assist Peacekeeping, staff to assist Food with kitchen & suggesting setting up distinct snack table away from main kitchen, which peacekeeping may help keep stocked
Peacekeeping after GA (moved to allow work on Dec 12th action)

Workgroup Proposals:

Jenni– conference call about Dec 12th action, tons of interest, people from Tulsa, OccTex, San Antonio, Dallas, FT Worth, El Paso, San Marcus; 40 people arriving from Occupy Now Dec 10th, staying till 13th Trying to arrange people to cover donating food for the days when mass people arrive, no workgroup yet formed to handle this. Save the date of Dec 12th for Port Action

Mouse– OccDC built a barn, 27 arrested for not taking down barn. Mouse will be announcing news every night, wants news brought to him to be announced

Leaf– We need to start workgroup for 12/12 action, discuss logistics for action, meeting after GA

Ben F: Public comment session re: Arctic Drilling with Sec of Interior Salazar Marriot Houston Intercontinental at IAH 18700 John F. Kennedy Blvd Houston, TX 77032 5:45 PM to 9:00 PM (CT)
Protest outside Russian Consulate Wednesdays, 4-6pm, attempting outreach with local LGBT groups
Invite from Harris County Dem Womens group to all OccupyHouston for their Holiday Party @Planned Parenthood Thursday 4600 Gulf Fwy, 6pm-10pm; potluck, BYOB for anything but wine & soda. Must RSVP (for security reasons) bluegals.harris at

Jeff: People coming from Alabama, bringing tents & coming to join us; will arrive Friday. Should be about 100 of them

Joe R- ~6 weeks ago, French Consulate’s chief of staff visited Tranquility, wanted info about movement at order of Pres France; very interested in doing death penality protests, particularly due to french national’s wife being on death row. Joe wants permission to specifically invited French Consulate to our next death penalty rally PASSED

Ben F: OHTX Officially take part in counter-protest supporting planned parenthood this thursday PASSED

Jonathon: Inspired by disunity in Legal workgroup, but reaches beyond it
Before anyone may take legal action on OHTX’s requires 48 hour notice via publicly accessible open-internet forum or physical posting in Tranquility. This notification is also required before the legal team may meet with any authority figure in an official or semiofficial capacity. The only exception would be when total loss of tactical value results from publication.

Jayman J- OccupyNow came out of Dallas but not everyone did, so there may be a reason for them splitting away

[Scribe had to leave & use restroom]