General Assembly Minutes 12/01/2011

GA minutes – 12-01-2011 (35 attendees)
Moderator – Evan C
Scribe – Jeremiah C
Facilitator – Jamin S
Stack – Trey
Stack Coordinator – Nick
Timekeeper – Ben F

Workgroup Report Backs
Ben F – Peacekeeping – there is a peackeeping meeting tonight immediately after GA. Three obligations: 1) keeping an eye on the site 2) interface (ie When people come to the park, you point them in the right direction/greet) 3) prevent and diffuse conflicts through peaceful mediation. [Carl question – when do we involve the cops?] [Ben's answer = sexual harassment].

Joe R – Political Action – Tuesday, people spoke in front of the City Council Meeting. Remi invited the mayor to our radio show. Joe called out a $50 million grant from the FAA.

Workgroup Proposals
Ben F – to start a workgroup focusing on logistics here in Tranquility. To create a workgroup which meets at 11AM. Specifically, having an Occupy Tranquility Logistics Workgroup. [withdrawn because consensus is not required to form a workgroup]

Trey – start a Scribe workgroup. To develop a standard for having minutes posted and ways to be on-time. [cancelled - time not extended]

Joe R – tomorrow morning 9:30AM Harris County Democratic Party “First Friday Coffee”. Saturday at 4PM to the Communication Workers of America. Metro got $900 million for 12 miles of train track. Next week at City Hall there is a suspicious land deal that’s taking place.

Ben F – We have on Tuesday the 6th, there will be a public comment about opening the Arctic sea to drilling. There will be a rally at 12 and comment starts at 4:30. Harris County Democratic Women at 6pm – 10pm Thursday the 8th at Planned Parenthood; please contact me [] to RSVP.

Eric – site was looking chaotic on Sunday, but looks good now. Occupy Galleria didn’t work out. There is a great resource ( They’ve got a lot of trolls. Go fight trolls.

Carl – KPFT prime time Thursday 6PM. Get all your friends to join in. Occupy the Airwaves. oh_airwaves on Twitter.

Jorge – This is a very simple. It is very important. I understand there are a lot of projects going on outside of Occupy. In case you weren’t aware, Occupy is still here and we need to keep this shit going.

Mouse – We are LiveStreaming.

Don – I have an announcement that the Green Party is looking for candidates in the 2012 election in Texas with a deadline of Jan 2. There is an electoral wing of the Occupy movement:

Amanda – We have a new workgroup called Freedman’s Town Project House (FTPH) and we have extended access to part of a duplex where we can office space and storage space and we are committed to fixing up the house. This is part of much larger project to save an historic neighborhood. Look for info on the listserv. Working hours are from 8AM – 6PM. 1109 Genese.

Trey – Sunday we’re doing a big bohemian art show at 12PM. It’s called Occupy Art. If you know any artists, invite them.

Jamin S – we need more people to help out with the web site. Anybody interested in administration responsibilities, see Jamin or send e-mail to

Art – I am part of a collective that makes public access television shows called Green Watch. We’re every other Monday 8-9PM. We have four shows archived. Please watch. Our collective is thinking about devoting the entire hour to Occupy Houston. Get in touch if you’d like to be on the show.

Erica – I want to announce that there is a Strategy and Public Discussion Meeting on Saturday December 3 from 2-5PM. 4500 W 34th, Suite K. This is 34th and Mangum close to 290. Two weeks ago we had a meeting at the library which was very successful and many people came.

TC – There is a new idea that started floating around today: Pitch a Fit for Peace. Designed for people who cannot stay overnight. They can tear down the tents at Tranquility, but not the tent in your front yard. Only your Homeowners Association can hassle you about it. See TC to learn how to go toe-to-toe with your HOA.

John – [announcement] besides having this occupation, we should be aware of opportunity in our neighborhood. If anyone lives near the Galleria, see John after the GA.

Shamus – a few weeks ago, Amanda was arrested. Vanessa paid out of pocket doe Amanda’s bail. I propose that OH reimburse the remaining $140 within 24 hours. [tabled]

Deb – I have a proposal to not sit around after GA and to be productive and have a march. Ian blocks because every GA is invalid since his arrest. [passed]

Joe R – Because we couldn’t go to Spaghetti Warehouse and a Democrat function. Proposal is to figure out where to spend the $100 instead. Proposes the $100 goes to Vanessa’s bail money. [Ian announces intention to block every proposal from now on]. [passed]

Ben F – My proposal is that we make a weekly protest outside the Russian Consulate from 4-6PM Wednesdays. Multiple LGBT groups are willing to join in this protest because of Russia’s homophobic and anti-free speech policies. [Ian blocks] [passed]

Carl – flash mob at Harris County Commissioners. [Ian blocked] [passed]

Tony – One day per week, during the day, have a GA. [Ben F points out that we've passed a similar proposal through Facilitation]. Could we make it Saturday at noon? [tabled]

Jeremiah – Moves that Ian be ignored in GA; Friendly Amendment from Evan to ignore Ian’s Blocks; Ben F offers Friendly Amendment to change proposal to target Facilitation & instruct future Moderators; Blocked by Jorge, TABLED

Jorge – I saw potential in Occupy to end the corruption that goes on out there. I don’t know why we’re silencing a voice when we’re supposed to be working with one voice. How many voices truly get heard?

Carl – In my home state of KY, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans have promised to block for the 1% on the backs of the 99%. We have a person here who is a troll. We should not feed the troll. I would love to see more bold, creative action here. Focus on solutions.

CK – In regards to Ian’s blocks, any time a person blocks a proposal and it passes, they are supposed to leave the GA and this addresses Ian’s blocks. Thinking about having one “proposal” GA per week. Will discuss during the strategy meeting. I feel that there is discomfort about the lack of numbers here lately. People should not get discouraged. Look for more people to start coming back.

Joe R – it’s a powerful thing when you suit up and show up. If you have to get a point across, you go to City Council and tell them. Salazar is in town next Tuesday at IAH at the Marriot Hotel. He is the Secretary of the Interior. He’s a former U.S. Senator from Colorado. His brother has a bunch of lobbyists working for him. Recommends we go there and mic check Salazar. These are rich, propertied old men with several million in their campaign contribution funds. Show up in slacks and a shirt like a businessperson.

Capital – My opinion is that two things should go into effect: 1) more participation in the workgroups, we need to get a master list of all the workgroups 2) issue dealing with mentally-impaired and hearing-impaired people. We need to have people who are qualified to listen to their concerns.

Noel – we make some sort of whiteboard with images of the GA hand signals. [Capital points out that he is fluent in sign language]

Ben F – tomorrow, the 2nd, is the tree lighting at 6PM. We should mic check it. Be here at 5PM if you are interested in participating.

Miguel – right now Congress is working on legislation to impose sanctions on Iran. They want to shut down their central bank. This could potentially anger China.